Free Stand-alone GPS nav app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - no data plan required


I can't comment on the quality or functionality since I use a Blackberry, but the price is right:


Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T

Thank you

Good find.
I missed it somehow.




I have a blackberry also but I will let my kids try it out on their itouch.


Has anybody tried it?

Has anybody tried it?

The reviews are not good so far

According to the review in iTunes, the maps are not up to date (where have we heard that before), the volume is low, and there seem to be limitations in Canada. Still if someone does not want to pay for software, this may be an option for them.



In the Kisatchie National Forest, with NO phone coverage, the app shows the one lane dirt roads, and even some almost cow trails I would only walk down. (Don't want to pinstripe the paint).