Converting files from DeLorme


I have used DeLorme Street Atlas for many years. Is it possible to convert these POI files? They are located and maintained here:

Yes, can be converted

Fishkill Bill - yes you can start with the text file, which is really a comma delimited file from the examples I saw on your website reference.

Garmin POIs require that the file contents be in the following order: Longitude, Lattitude, name. These files are in Lattitude, Longitude, Name.

In excel you can easily swap the columns and save the new file as *.csv

Try one and then upload it to POI Factory. Seems this should be straight-forward.

___________________ Garmin 2455, 855, Oregon 550t

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Thanks MM, You are correct

Thanks MM,
You are correct we are not able to publish data from this site.

Miss Poi