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Greetings Everyone!

This discussion group is for the Ice Hockey Rinks US (CSV Format) POI project file. Please report any coordinate/address corrections and or updates, closings, etc. Also, feel free to provide comments about the POI. You may also email any changes directly to the Project Lead (which currently is me).

Thanks for your help!


POI Files

Vince Nuvi 350

Says access denied.... what

Says access denied.... what am I doing wrong?

it was still in the moderation queue

akiger wrote:

Says access denied.... what am I doing wrong?

I have it published now;)

Miss POI


I had started something similar, but I guess you finished it...

Yours is slightly different in thst it covers hockey rinks, but many of these are also skating rinks which will mean I will no longer be doing the ice skating POIs.

One suggestion is to break them down by state for folks who arent interested in the whole country.

Thanks, Matt