This should raise the collective POI Factory blood pressure. It's called ASSET (Advanced Safety and driver Support for Essential road Transit.) A trailer equipped with multiple cameras, radar etc. that could bust a motorist for five or more infractions at a time. Details here:

The good news, at the moment, it's only operational in Finland.

Cheers wink

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Whoa, hope this doesn't come

Whoa, hope this doesn't come to the states!


Winston Smith weeps. sad

He's Gone

ericruby wrote:

Winston Smith weeps. sad

Winston took the bullet....or did he? wink

I'm surprised none of the 'if you don't break the law you don't have to worry about the machine' protagonists haven't weighed in on this one.

Hmm, maybe 2+2 is beginning to = 5?

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Speed cameras

I drove from NY to FL a few weeks ago. I did not want to make that run!!!
It is over 1200 miles. My wife called me and told me I got a speeding ticket. I told her NO I didn't. She got a letter from South Carolina with the pictures. It was a movable camera that would not be on the list.
Pictures suitable for framing.LOL the fine was $187.
Going 87 in a 70 mile zone.
My fault. Just wanted the trip to be over and get out of car.
Lucky they didn't get me in Georgia, was going faster (no traffic at all)
I would be writing this from jail. Jail ove 80mph

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!

Wow, do you think they're

Wow, do you think they're getting serious about this stuff?

A speeding ticket fine isn't enough that now they want to get more money by nabbing someone for more stuff?

I would guess that a lot of money was invested in designing that thing. Motorists must be worth that investment because of the potential revenue return.

-- where the heck am I?

Missed Revenue Op

With the desparate attempt to find additional revenue stream, why haven't munincipalities targeted litterers yet? It's a $500 fine around these parts and there are signs posted everywhere. At least three times a day I see cigarettes tossed out of car windows and two to three times a week I see a fast food bag pitched out. I can't believe local patrolmen don't see even more given that they spend all day on the road as oppposed to my 30 minute round trip commute.

And from a different point of view....

The family drove to Montreal last year (from Boston) and I got to do the driving. (I enjoy that part of it.)


I got three generations of women in the car, so I'm slightly extra careful. smile

During the trip, I always did the speedlimit +/- 5mph using cruise control. Just an easy relaxing ride in the right lane keeping to myself watching the traffic blow past me on the left like I was a bicylist on the autobahn.

When we were going through Vermont, I saw the *ONLY* two state police cars for the entire trip up and back.

Both of them, at two different times too, slowed *waaaay* down to see who was in the car and why they were acting suspicious and driving the speed limit.

I waved and got sour looks from them as they sped away looking for another target.

All I could figure was they were saying something to themselves like "Damnit, they must have been doing something wrong, they were too careful."

It was a nice trip. smile

Don't like it but....

I'm all in favor of checking to see if the insurance has expired. My daughter got hit by a non-insured and my wife got hit by a non-insured (two different accidents). The state (AZ) said they were going to crack down hard on these type of people. Did they get a fine for not having insurance - NO. Did we get reimbursed by them - NO. My wife was in the hospital and had to have neck surgery. Now my insurance company must pay.

For all of us that obey the laws and have insurance, it would be nice to catch those that don't.

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5 MPH Over........

I had to commute 50 miles each way for 2 years and I also have to travel around the northern third of California frequently for work. I just set the cruise for 5mph over the limit and don't worry about tickets.

I grew up in the "no seat belts" era when cars didn't even HAVE seat belts. Later they were added but most folks ignored them. When my daughter was young I made it her job to nag me to use the seat belt every time we got in the car. (Needless to say she was very vigilant about nagging me.) I never drive without using the seat belt now. The nagging paid off and I've used the seat belt for the past 25 years or so (she's the youngest kid) and don't have to worry about a seat belt ticket.

I'm not one of the "if you obey the law you won't have to worry" crowd. While I do agree with that sentiment, I also disagree with all the automagic ticket cameras and such. I don't believe red light cameras and things of that sort help with safety. I think they're just ways of gouging money from people.

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Re: 5 MPH Over........

thrak wrote:

I don't believe red light cameras and things of that sort help with safety.

I am inclined to agree with you (and the previous poster about not having insurance). I don't think these things will really catch anyone of significance. (Not that they don't deserve catching but I think the return-on-investment value is pretty low.

There was a study done, not that long ago either where they found that turning off the redlight camera stopped a number of sudden rear end collisions that were caused by folks slamming on the brakes as soon as a light changed causing the traffic behind them to pay the price.