GPS App for Android


Just saw this article. New gps app for android which installs the maps to your phone so you can still navigate if you lose cell coverage.

Has anyone tried this out yet?

Has lane assist, multi-point routing, probably not TTS


# Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation

# Detailed street maps of the USA, accurate to house number and street level

# Powerful route calculation that works-out single or multi-stop trips quickly and accurately. It immediately works out a new route if you miss a turn

# 2D, 3D and Driver Safety navigation views make it easy to see which way you need to go

# Enhanced guidance technology for drivers, with lane indicator display at junctions, realistic sign post information, speed limit indicator and guidance in tunnels

# Supports touch screen gestures with flickable lists and fluid map scrolling

# Runs in portrait or landscape mode. Simply rotate the phone for widescreen navigation

# Integrates with the phone, making it easy to call a Point of Interest (POI) or share your location via SMS

# Navigation for every journey, with driving, walking, cycling and RV mode

Costs $4.99 for unlimited use of the downloaded maps and app features, so presumably map updates are also just $5 (i.e., re-buy the entire app). Since it doesn't specify I assume no TTS.

TTS is extra fee

In the user guide, it says you can buy TTS for an extra fee. Doesn't say how much, though. It also mentions POI files can be downloaded from their site, but no more detail after that.


I might bite the bullet and spend the $5 for this app. According to the FAQs the TTS feature is already included in the android phone itself and you can install your own POIs as OV2 files.


Here's a more detailed review

android gps ... street view YES etc.

I got an Ally LG phone yesterday. GPS apps being foremost on my mind, I tried Google Maps as soon as I could. The list of POIs that came up were much out of date, and inaccurate IMHO.
The 8 gig micro SD chip was read on my netbook:
59.491 bytes, 9 files, 16 folders.
Next, what about custom POIs. I am thinking that the over-commercialized POIs are of little utility. This might lead to a market for expert travel-log type POIs. The current POIs would lead to a inferior trip for all, but can I say it,,, "ANDROIDS."
Real people want real information. I think POI users want tasty food, interesting places, and NOT roomy parking lots, super sanitized preservative laced bar coded tasteless eats.
Regards, CactusMitch
PS elsewhere mentioned grand daughter has an LG chocolate, which has access to Google maps.

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Tracking A Friend

You can also, with the permission of a friend, track or find their location. There is no cost for this function. Version 8. They also have this version for the Laptop and Truck Laptop.

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Samsung android tablet

I spent most of the day yesterday at Verizon and Best Buy. Best Buy had a sucker price of $499 AND UP, which means to them $599. I think this is clearly false advertising. I asked for th $499 one and there isn't any.

The Samsun has GPS and no phone. Uses G# network for data only. I suppose that Skypw is blocked, though one should be able to use gmail, facebook, et al chat. There is not modifying the Verizon upgrade dat for the hardware, but it is required for the required purchase of a data plan. My upgrade date for my "dongle," is in Feb. of next year.

I would forward finance the $599, i.e. put it on my visa card if I could make the whole thing work and thought there would be first mover advantage, and /or there would be a shortage of units.

Samsung/Verizon's attempts to extract the most from the early adopter consumer base may be counter productive. I think that Acer has a net book with Android and an internal GPS waiting for clearance from Microsoft to get out of some kind of Trust agreement.

When the Microsoft giant goes down it will go down hard. I am going to see if there is an Android version of Open Office now.

Be well, CactusMitch

"If you find a fork in the road, pick it up." Y. Bera.

RE: Samsung Android Tablet

Did you get one? I'm real curious, and would like to hear any feedback from early adopters.