Estimated Arrival time Garmin Vs TomTom


I have a Garmin Nuvi 5000, and a TomTom GO 720. I like the estimated arrival time on these GPS, but the TomTom is very inaccurate, and totally worthless. If I take a normal 2 hour trip the TomTom starts out estimating it at about 4 hours.
We drove from Colorado Springs to Kansas City last week, and the used the Gartmin. The original estimated arrival time when we left Colorado Springs was only 5 minutes off of the actual arrival time 10 hours later.

Arrival time

That is one thing I have always like is the arrival time for Garmin units.I made lots of trips with mine.The last one was 7500 miles.The arrival time has always been pretty close.It does change based on your speed,stops etc.This last trip when we stopped for the night.I would always select my stop for the next day by hitting the go tab to get idea for the arrival time for next vacation stop.It comes in handy.

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