White Pages to GPS ???


Is there a website that will send the results of a phone directory lookup to my GPS.
I can look up a business in Google maps and send the name, address, phone and GPS location to my Nuvi saved as a "Favorite".

I would like to be able to do something similar for residential searches. e.g. "White Pages"


My 1690 has that as an onboard feature

I'm not sure about a web site for that, but my 1690 has that as a search feature and the info is sent straight to the gps while i'm on the road.

idon't know of a website

But you can do a reverse search on the phone number, look it up on the map and then send that data.

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Garmin Nulink 1695

The 1695 has just come out at amazon.com kind of pricey at $449.00,amazon gets the first shot then others will follow,Crutchfields will have it for $399.00.It has more features than the 1690 and has a little lager screen at 5".


Wow. Yoo mean you could enter a last name & state?

Then the GPS will give you a list of choices? You then select the name you want to get an address & phone number to enter into Favorites.

Is that what the 1690 does?