Verizon to Sell Ipads Starting Oct 28

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Those iPads are wifi only

Verizon will sell you one of their Mifi devices to use to connect it to the Internet via the VZW network, with a 1 GB/month for $20/month.

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Thanks for the post. I suspect this Christmas could have some other tablets to choose from as well. I guess I am sort of a Garmin Fan Boy, but I would like to see an Android based tablet with Garmin GPS navigation on board. Sort of a larger Garminfone, if you will. Perhaps they could offer it on 5" and 7" versions. I realize that it is unlikely that we will see this, so I suppose the next best thing for me might be a Dell Streak or something similar. HAving one that has a good mobile mount is important to me. As far as iPad navigation, I think it is a bit too big for my taste. I think the CoPilot Live HD for iPad is a pretty neat looking application, too.

Bad Deal

Virginmobile Broadband2Go plan sounds a lot better than Verizon's plan. They both offer month to month plan without termination fee.

$20/month for 1GB
$35/month for 3GB
$50/month for 5GB

Virginmobile Broadband2Go
$10 for 100MB (expires in 10 days)
$40/month for unlimited access

I saw VirginMobile MiFi 2200 device sold for $139 at Walmart stores. $40/month unlimited data is a much better deal especially knowing that MiFi allows up to 5 devices to access the internet. If you have multiple devices especially a real computer connecting through MiFi, you'll use 1GB in a couple of hours/days depending on how you use your devices.