Product key # for lifetime map.


Is product key # on the back of the card lifetime map the same product key # in your Garmin account? The reason I asked because after did the lifetime map update, I went back to account in Garmin website the product key # is different on the lifetime map card.

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I would suggest the product key is different with every map you download. So, the one you see is for your free map update. The LT map will be different.

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Thanks but I still confused

There are 2 products key in my Garmin account for my new GPS but both of them have different product keys. So I have 3 total different product keys 2 in my garmin account and 1 on the card. I just want to see if my product key on the card is still good though.

lifetime card product key

As I recall, the product key on the back of the nuMaps lifetime card is used only for activation of the card. You log in to your my.garmin account and select your nuvi that you want to activate the card for. It will then prompt your for the product key from the back of the card. This associates the lifetime subscription with that particular nuvi.

This is not the same as the unlock codes or the product keys on the individual map versions that you download. Those numbers change with each new map version that you download.

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Lifetime Card Product Key

I think you're right Alandb. I think that is how mine worked.

And I think this through me for a loop initially because when I went to download my map, I entered the key from the card and it was rejected, and I was pretty upset! Then I figured it out and used the key in my account.

Thanks. Now I know that Garmin didn't make a mistake.

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