Map Reading and Land Navigation


Just an FYI for anyone that is interested, here is a link to a fabulous book (PDF format) produced by the US Army on Map Reading and Land Navigation. Since there have been several discussions about paper map backups and such I thought you might get some great info out of this piece, I know I have.

When the 2012 Sunspots go crazy and our beloved GPS constellation goes down, we'll all need map and compass skills. LOL LOL LOL

Hope you find this of interest.


would be nice if all maps were required to be as accurate as military maps.

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Good link! I love field

Good link! I love field manuals.

Yeah, I'll need to work on my manual map skills before the world ends.

I have a dead tree copy of

I have a dead tree copy of this manual and it is very useful.

The PDFs though are nice because they are up to date, whereas the dead tree version likely will become obsolete (e.g. Army Survival Manual).

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