Wayside Memorial finder


Hi All,

I don't believe in ghosts, but the kids in the back seat like to look for them as we cruse by.

I have posted a free Internet tool to find the GPS locations of reported fatal accidents near any location that you enter.

Check http://www.cactusmitch.info to see a few of the GPS enter-able summary reports of fatalities in the Federal reporting system. U.S. location only!

I'm collecting safety slogans to display on GPS's nearing these sites. Got any to contribute?


"If you find a fork in the road, pick it up." Y. Bera.

7,000 fatalities did not have the lat/lon recorded.

When construction the Wayside Memorial index, I knew that all the fatality reports did not include the latitude and longitude of the incident. I thought that combining years would reduce the significance of the omissions, and after working with the data for these many months, I have concluded that my method minimizes the effects.

I am considering assigning a position the fatalities that would be based on the central point of all other accidents within the state where the fatality happened.

If anyone interested in improving safety were to use data in their studies, the sacrifice of the victims should be respected by their inclusion in such studies.

This is a continuing concern since I noticed how handle NULL data. Some years past I was reflecting on sacrifice flies and bunts in baseball statistics. Prior to the invention of the term, "sacs" were part of the game. They just counted as an At Bat and no hit. Now they are not counted as an At Bat, to improve the batting average.

"If you find a fork in the road, pick it up." Y. Bera.