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Every so often I rent a car from Hertz and end up getting a Neverlost GPS in it. They are Magellan-based GPS systems from, what appears to be, 10 or so years ago. They pale in comparison to anything on the market today.

Now, this isn't a dig a Magellan. You could go back 10 years in Garmin's history and come up with equally crappy (comparatively speaking) GPSs. What I don't get is that it's tough to rent a car from Hertz that isn't a recent model year. If you were to rent one now I don't think you'd be able to get one from any farther back than 2009. So, I'm wondering, why do they keep these old GPSs around?

Seems to me that:
- most folks have a portable GPS these days
- Hertz could just rent you a current-version portable GPS straight out
- Hertz could just buy some cars with GPS built in (factory)

Yet, they keep the Neverlost system in their cars and continue to put them in. The systems have:
- a crappy interface
- a crappy display
- bulky cases (typically obstructs other parts of the dash)

Outside of some internal political reasons I don't get why they keep them around.

If you're a frequent renter you could easily pay for a low-end GPS with more features in a week or so's worth of paying for their Neverlost system.


Call it what it is: a money-making add-on. That's it. I'll bring my Garmin, thanks!

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And I thought that Hertz's Neverlost Nav was the neatest thing back in 2004 when I used a GPSr for the first time during a SoCal family vacation Lol.


They were kind of neat 6+

They were kind of neat 6+ years ago.

They really show their age now.


petlaur wrote:

And I thought that Hertz's Neverlost Nav was the neatest thing back in 2004 when I used a GPSr for the first time during a SoCal family vacation Lol.

Yeah.. but that was century's ago.


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Bulk Purchase

Someone probably made an exclusive deal, and maybe they were supposed to get new models every so often or something.

Until people quit using them at all that is what they will offer. Think about how many bring their own today or use their phone. Back when Neverlost was bought I bet they were many hundreds of dollars, right? Well that takes a long time to depreciate and I bet they are seeing a large percentage drop in the number of poeple taking the gps today compared to then. Another reason $ don't add up to replace them.

They are probably getting phased out as they break...of course all manufactures back then made them to last forever...


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Brad Bishop wrote:

They were kind of neat 6+ years ago.

They really show their age now.

I really used to like and appreciate Hertz having them
in many of their vechicles (many times at no additional
charge). Now, they just look sad.

I reserved a vehicle for

I reserved a vehicle for today for November. I remember seeing some coupon somewhere for 'save $5/day off Neverlost..' I don't know how much per day it costs but I'm guessing more than $5.

They need to just take the hit, dump them, and move on.

I think they could make money by flat out renting regular GPSs to their customers instead of using this Neverlost system.

Of course, if they were dumb enough to sign some 10-year deal with them...

Navigation Solutions Introduces NeverLost® Generation5

NeverLost Generation5 State-of-the-Art Navigation System for Hertz Rental Cars

Dated April 27th, 2010


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Why would anyone NOT bring their own GPS?

Like a previous poster, I too travel with my Nuvi. Why not? They're small, lightweight, and you DON'T have to learn a new interface.

Plus, I like to see where we are when flying (if the airline allows GPS use - we STILL need to get that fixed...)


Why pay extra? I already have a portable GPS.

I also just bring my Nuvi. It is small enough to just bring along, besides being accustomed to the unit makes driving a strange car easier.

NeverLost Gen 5 - neverlost.com

We know that customers have great options available with their personal PND's or even free navigation on their smartphone. We try to emphasize a great service, where we will allow customers to pre-plan a trip at neverlost.com. We will even build a trip for you in advance (for free) through our Concierge service. With the introduction of our Gen 5 product, we now can wirelessly send you multiple destination directly to your NeverLost device. If you register and login at NeverLost.com, you can receive a Personal Download code to access any trips that you plan and store on our site (again for free). We want to provide an option that does not require installation for some travelers. At times PNDs and smartphones are also great options.

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1490t vs magellan 1340

I have both and I like to travel with the magellan, a netbook and an Ipod touch. I can take them all in my carry on and still have room for a week's worth of clothes. I don't like to check in baggage.

I did this all summer- on like 6 or 7 trips. There was even room for an external DVD player for when I got really bored I could rent at Red Box.

I had a Magellan 1440 with

I had a Magellan 1440 with the latest map update. It didn't show I-355 that was there for 3 years.
That's why I now use a Garmin.
Magellan only does a map update once a year, and then it is 3 years behind.
My $0.02

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I have been using Neverlost

I have been using Neverlost since 1999, and still like using it as it's pretty convenient.

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I always bring my Nuvi with me when flying. I can preload POI information and mark my main locations to navagate to so once on the ground I am ready to go.

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Hertz Neverlost $64.95 USD Per Week

Brad Bishop wrote:

I don't know how much per day it costs but I'm guessing more than $5.

Looks like 64.95 USD Per Week.


Flew out this week to drive. Took the Nuvi. I can't imagine paying extra when I can take mine along. A couple of times when I've rented cars (not this time), I've gotten one with built-in GPS in the console. The different interface does take getting used to.

I wonder if Hertz has updated the 10-year-old Neverlost maps??

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same here. I rented Hertz

same here. I rented Hertz and saw the Neverlost. I thought I traveled back in time.