Updated Garmin voices Aug 31, 2010


Available for select units via WebUpdater or myDashboard (myDashboard won't specify what the update is)

Voice, American Spanish-Javier (TTS) v1.60
Voice, Americas Spanish-Paulina (TTS) v1.70
Voice, European Spanish-Isabel (TTS) v1.80

Changes for all voices: Improved phonetics and normalization.

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voice updates?

Using Garmin dashboard and WebUpdater, no updates show for my 1690.

The only updates that show available for me were vehicles and voices that I don't have installed. The English voices I do have installed did not show in the update list.

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765T Needs It

My 765T is showing the new voices in Webupdater. Updating now though I don't use them. I prefer to have Webupdate tell me there are no updates available instead of having to paw through everything at a later date trying to figure out what I want and what I don't want.

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I was staying away from

I was staying away from webupdater as I fear it would wipe out some of the custom maps I installed. Time to see to that fear.


Oink wrote:

I was staying away from webupdater as I fear it would wipe out some of the custom maps I installed.

Neither Webupdater nor myDashboard touch your maps.

nuvi 760, nuvi 765T, nuvi 855, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3490LMT - SoCal area


When I update it tries to get me to update firmware to 4.90, I run 4.80 as 4.90 freezes up. Is there a way to get past the firmware update, and update the voices, or do I have to update all and reinstall 4.80???

2 ways to avoid the firmware update

DorkusNimrod is the author of both of the following methods.

Method # 1 :

Right-click on the file named GarminDevice.xml on the nuvi drive located in x:/Garmin and select "Open With" and choose Notepad. Look for the following line approx 6 lines down from the top:< SoftwareVersion >480< /SoftwareVersion >The current software version on the unit is listed here. Change the 480 (or whatever other version number it is) to 490 (this is the current Garmin version available). Make no other changes.
*Note that I had to add spaces in the example line above so the forum would not interpret the line as valid html code. Don't add the spaces that I added above.

After doing so, save the file (file/save). Don't unplug or power off the unit...keep it connected to the PC and then run WebUpdater.

Don't worry if you somehow mess up on the file editing as this file is regenerated at every nuvi power cycle.

From here on afterwards, you will have to delete GUPDATE.GCD from the nuvi every time after running WebUpdater since each time you do, it will find the newest update and reinstall GUPDATE.GCD again since you will still have an older version on the unit.

Editing the GarminDevice.xml file simply fools WebUpdater and/or the registration process into thinking that the most current software verison is already installed on the unit. After the nuvi is power cycled & GarminDevice.xml is regenerated, the software version listed in the file will again list the older version that is currently on the unit.

Method # 2:

But there's a much easier way to avoid a firmware update while still installing the other updates...

Connect the unit & run WebUpdater (don't change GarminDevice.xml). Let WebUpdater run fully, check for the update & download it, then let it check for additional updates and let it install those.
Then, while the unit is still connected to the PC, delete GUPDATE.GCD from the unit *before* disconnecting and rebooting. This is very important. If the nuvi finds GUPDATE.GCD on the unit and the firmware contained in the file is newer than what is currently on the unit, the update will proceed. If GUPDATE.GCD is not on the unit or if the firmware contained in the file is the same as or older than what is currently flashed on the unit, no update will occur.

You would only use the multiple modification of GarminDevice.xml to avoid the forced update when registering the unit or checking for map updates.

If you're simply running WebUpdater and checking for updates, all you have to do is delete GUPDATE.GCD after running it but before rebooting the unit.

Good luck !

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I will try this as soon as I get home from work. I hadn't updated lately as I didn't want 4.9 again.

Tried it and it worked like a charm! Still have firmware 4.8