Independent Truck Stops (GPX)

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Last updated 07/16/2018

Raw file: Independent Truck Stops v16JUL18.gpx (1.75 MB)

These stop for the majority are stops with overnight parking spaces available to take a 10 hr break. There is a few Fuel only stop and a couple restaurants that don't have overnight parking.

As of right now most of the locations are just to the exit ramp until I can get time at home and search for them via satellite.

Please feel free to contact me with any corrections or additions.

Decoding the Codes:

F - Fuel Only
XL - Extra Large Parking Area
L - Large Parking Area
M - Medium Parking Area
S - Small Parking Area
XS - Extra Small Area (less then 5)
G - Gravel Lot
NOP - No Overnight Parking

R - Large Repairs
r - Small Repairs

W - Has Scales

TP - Truck Parking (for hotels, fast food, ect.)

$ - Pay to Park overnight

* - is either I've been there or I've located it on satellite mapping.

??? - show that I looked for and I either can not see it on the map of there were more than one place and I could not find which one was the right one.

Note on this is that it does not contain any BIG Chain trucks. There are plenty of files out there for them and keep them updated. I just wanted to focus on the ones that are not part of the big chains that get left out or not really known where they are located.

Any Errors, Additions or Comments please sent to:

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**********Truck Driver Warning***********

Not all files go to the truck entrance. Most of this there has been no data for me to find and I have to search each location one at a time to try to find it on the maps.

So Please check location and time before just driving to a location. It may not be exact or may not even be open. Truck stop close and get bought out by big stops. I'm 1 person in a truck.


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  • ratjumper - Jul 16, 2018
    Added about 275 more stops. And pull over spots on the PA turnpike.

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    Changed name of raw file from Truck Stop Guide Master 3-26-14.gpx to match title.

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