Garmin 3790T Points of Interest


I have downloaded the Rest Areas Combines and Red Light Cammers and a voice for the warning. I do not see a ICON as I approach the location of the red light cammers or receive the voice warning. I also do not see the icon for the rest areas. Can someone tell me what I have done wrong in the installation.


naming convention

Are they all named the same except for the extension?

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3790 POI

Most icons don't work with the 3790. For me the only one that shows is the Target bullseye and not for every Target. I spoke to a Garmin rep about this and she said it's a problem with the third party stuff, not the 3790.


Part of the issue is that the 37xx series has a much higher screen resolution than other units.

My experience is that the icons are there, but they are TINY.

Try experimenting with increasing the icon file size and reloading the Custom POIs.

The 3790 have known issues

The 3790 have known issues that are well documenting on other posts throughout this website. Garmin is aware of several issues with the 3790 and they will be coming out with new software sometime in the future. Do a search on the 3790 and you will find some of the work arounds available on this fine forum.

The recent

The recent 2.50 firmware update partially fixed this problem. I found on another forum that now the icon does appear but it MUST be 256 colors so you may need to use Windows Paint or some other graphics program to decrease the color count of the icons you can't see.

Once the icon color is set to 256 it does appear on the 37xx map screen but as mentioned, it's so small you may never see it until you zoom in a long way.

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