Scrolling the Map


In an attempt to pick POIs from the map on my 1490T, I am finding it difficult to move or scroll the map to pick a point. I drag my finger across the map and sometimes it moves, but more than not, it doesn't. Sometimes it places an arrow after touching the screen, usually where I don't want it. Can anyone direct me as to how to move the map around when searching?

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Scrolling the Map


I have had the same problem with my 760 and found if I just use my fingernail it works great. I don't think the fingernail is hard enough to scratch the screen and I have been doing it for awhile and have not seen any scratches. The fingernail also works better when typing addresses and other text.


The scroll

The scroll issue on the 1490 is far worse than on the 760. I've tried any number of things and the map still seems to just want to 'flood' to a place and stop no matter how careful you to scroll to a specific point. Very frustrating.

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Try to use the pencil eraser and it worked flawlessly for my nui

or using the game stylus pen it worked very well.


Be aware that pencil erasers (by design) tend to be abrasive.

Better to use a pen cap or stylus instead.

The fingernail trick works for me

On my 1490T, using a fingernail really helps scrolling around the map. You have to keep the pressure consistent, then lift your finger straight off the screen without dragging it to prevent the map from drifting. After doing it a few times it becomes a habit.

My Thanks

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a try. Anything has to be better than what it is.

2001.5 Dodge Ram, 2007 Montana 3400RL 5th Wheel, Garmin 1490T GPS

I keep a stylus with the Nuvi

It works a lot better than my fingers. More accurate also.

where do you keep the

where do you keep the stylus? Does it stay in the case? I would be afraid of losing it...(like falling out)

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The leather case has a pocket

I keep 2 sd cards and the stylus in the pocket. It's never far from the Nuvi.
I have a spare stylus in my console just in case...

stylus for Nintendo DS works great. Cheap at Walmrt