Proximity Alerts - Confused


OK. Now I am confused. 2 Questions.

1) If I set an alert using POI Loader (manual mode) for an alert in distance, is that a radial distance from the coordiantes of the POI?

I have the redlight poi loaded and it seems to act like that in this case. On the other hand, I have the "school" poi loaded and manually set the distance for the alert. As I ride down a street parallel to the school and only a few hundred feet from the true coordinates I do not get an alarm. When I turn on the street where the entrance of the school is located it will then send the alert, acting if it knows I am heading by the school.

2) For the speed zone POI,if I leave the speed set at 0 so is tripped no matter my speed, what is the range at which the alert trips?

Mark E

Creating a POI file

Can anyone give me some help on creating a poi file? I tried to create one in excel and uploaded it and it gives the telephone number and name of the place but when I go to the file on my garmin gps c550 it says unable to calculate route. Thanks for the read and the help.


I just read Hornbyp's response on the "POI alerts" thread and saw my answer. Been reading most of the posts but missed this one. Sorry for the extra post.

madejek - In the search option type "creating a poi", there will be many threads to guide you on creating a poi in the proper format. Good luck

Mark E

Garmin's Custome POI Format

madejek wrote:

Can anyone give me some help on creating a poi file?

Garmin's required POI Format for csv files is:

Longitude,Latitude,"Name of POI","Address, City, State, Zip, Phone number"

-77.86302,35.36175,"Uwharrie NF Ranger station","1815 E. St, Troy, NC, 55555, 555-555-5555"

If in the US, the longitude is negative.
If linebreaks or commas are present in a field, they have to be enclosed in quotes.
I've found it easer to always put field three and four enclosed in quotes. It eliminates some mistakes and makes the file easier to read.

View the POI file with Notepad (or a text editor) as Excel will format it differently than you may want (like entering its own quotes).


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