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I have read the FAQs many times and I have also read over 25 pages of this forum. When I download a POI it goes to Excel. After that I have no idea what to do with it.

Does anyone have the patience to help me with this?


Frequently Asked Questions


Here's what I posted in

Here's what I posted in response to your other post about this. Forget about Excel for now. Just save the file to your computer and follow these steps.

From the FAQs
Garmin - Loading POI files with POI Loader

POI Loader is software from Garmin that's used to load custom points of interest into many of their newer GPS models. You can download it (free) from the Garmin website from a link on this page:

Basic steps for loading POI files are as follows:

* download POI loader from Garmin's web site
* install POI loader on your computer
* open the .ZIP file(s) you downloaded from POI Factory and copy the .CSV file(s) inside to a new directory on your computer
* connect your GPS to your computer
* start POI Loader and select the directory that contains the .CSV file(s)
* follow the on-screen prompts (default choices should work just fine), and POI Loader will transfer the locations to your GPS

Be sure you download the most current version of POI Loader from here.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to try and help me. I finally figured out if I just saved it to the desk top I could use the POI loader and it worked like a charm. Sorry I made this so difficult for everyone. Including myself!




Just keep in mind that we are all here learning and helping each other, I can guarantee you that because you asked the question that someone else was also wanting to ask, you also helped them. This stuff is not easy stuff to learn.

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I know everything! j/k I

I know everything! j/k

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