Garmin 855 overheating


regarding the Garmin 855, I am having overheating problems and very slow start up and initializing particularly after mid morning.
Question: Should the unit be plugged into the charger all the time even when fully charger? Does this also mean uplug the charger from the car when not needed?
Thanks, David

my 855

many times, I plug my 855 in without the battery. The unit does get warm. I live in Texas, and with my 855 sitting on the dash, it gets very hot. So, when on a trip of any length, I'll move the unit off the dash and out of the sun. I've tried shielding the unit from the sun, but the unit still gets very hot.

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A good part of your problem is where you live and work. The unit shouldn't be left in a hot car all day. I always bring mine inside when I'm going to be out of the car for several hours. The battery in the Nuvi will keep the unit ready to operate for several days, while the FM Traffic receiver will also hold a charge for a couple of days.

Of course, a Bean Bag mount makes the transition much easier than the suction cup.

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