POI's - What Can I Expect From My nuvi 260w


I'm new here and have a question about POI's and what I can expect from the POI files that I have downloaded and installed.

For example, if I install the McDonalds USA file, when I take a trip from PA to NY next week and want to be alerted to any McDonalds restaurants along the way, will that occur automatically or must I first go into Extras | Custom POIs | McDonalds?

I will already have entered in an address for my destination in Lake Placid.

Just a couple of other points that may be helpful. I believe I have loaded the POI files, images, and wav files, re-naming each identically except for the file extensions. I have installed them manually and set distance alerts. I am just wondering if there is anything more I need to do and will I receive audio and visual alerts for the McDonalds along with the driving directions for my trip to Lake Placid on my Nuvi 260w?

Great site everyone! Thanks for the files and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

You may want to read about TourGuides

Even if on your direct route from A to B, a McDonald's may not set off an alert as you approach the location. You may want to test this either with actual routes or by simulating a route.

Assuming you don't get the alerts you expect, changing from a standard POI to a TourGuide (which will alert you whenever you're within the specified radius to a location) and see how that works for you.

In any event, I predict you'll soon turn off alerts for McD's unless you need a coffee or burger every 4.5 minutes as you travel city streets wink

More thoughts

I assume that you have turned on Alerts by going to Tools > Settings > Proximity Points > Proximity Alerts.

Whether or not you receive an "alert" will be a function of how close the McDonalds is to the "route" you are on. The consensus is that a POI must be within 50 to 75 feet from the route if it is going to trigger an alert. The "distance" you set determines how far away (on your route) the alert will sound. If you are traveling on interstates, then most McDonalds will not be within the 50 to 75 feet from the interstate.

TourGuides (note the capital "T" and the capital "G") offer a way for people to get alerts within the "radius" already mentioned.

For McDonalds, the frequency might be too much. Say you set the "radius" distance at 5280 feet in order to give yourself enough time to make a decision as to whether or not to take the next exit. You will likely get "radius" alerts at times when there is no exit you can take because there are so many McDonalds around.

For myself, I might set TourGuide alerts for, say, Crackerbarrels. There aren't that many of them and it might be time for us to take a break and get something to eat.

Rest area POI files are set so that the coordinates of the POI are set to be within the 50 to 75 feet "along the road" trigger. So seting an alert distances of say 10,000 feet may be appropriate.

This brings me to a suggestion that may be helpful once you decide what alert (if any) you want for certain POIs. POI Loader creates a file called \Garmin\POI\poi.gpi every time is is run. Using my own experiences, I decided that I wanted to have available a TourGuide file of pharmacies that were open twenty four hours a day in my area ( I have eight month old twin girls).

To keep this file on my 765T intact just as I wanted it, I attached my 765T to my PC and ran POI Loader with just this file as input, a manual run with TourGuide in the file name. Then I went into the \Garmin\POI\ folder on my 765T and renamed poi.gpi to PharmacyOpenpoi.gpi. Then i did a run of POI Loader with all the rest of my POI files - which of course created a poi.gpi file.

After you take your trip, we would like for you to come back to this thread and give us your thoughts. you can find this thread by going to "recent posts" and them selecting "my recent posts".

Well, we drove around a bit

Well, we drove around a bit today (before I had a chance to fully review your responses). Our 260w beeped whenever there was a McDonald's nearby, most, but not all of the time. But it only beeped -- it didn't play the .wav file. Is the 260w capable of playing .wav's? We found the beeps to be annoying and -- because I have so many retail and restaurant POI's loaded, it was beeping often and we couldn't read the fine print on the display indicating to what store or restaurant it was alerting us. And, CraigW, you were right -- that alert got old, really fast.

Any ideas as to why I'm not able to hear .wavs (or even view the .bmp icons?

re: TourGuides - I'll rename my POI's tonight and see how that works out.

Icon require that you be..

KCJammer wrote:

Any ideas as to why I'm not able to hear .wavs (or even view the .bmp icons?

Icon require that you be zoomed in to say 300 feet. Were you in that close?

Your manual does not say anything about a mp3 player so I cannot answer about mp3 or wav files.

Using WAV sound files

Your 260 can play sound files if they are the WAV format. Using WAV files require you to install a program called SOX. SOX.EXE is found at http://rapidshare.com:80/files/139638423/sox.zip.

If you put the zip file on your desktop, it's easier. After you unzip the folder containing the program SOX.EXE, you select the SOX.EXE file, right click and select COPY. Now, open the C:\Garmin folder in your computer and paste SOX into the same folder that has the program POI Loader.exe. Check and be certain the folder contains BOTH POI Loader.EXE and SOX.EXE. If SOX.EXE is not copied to this folder, WAV sounds will not play.

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icons and audio alerts on nuvi 260w

jgermann wrote:

Icon require that you be zoomed in to say 300 feet. Were you in that close?

Not sure, but probably not. Will check.

jgermann wrote:

Your manual does not say anything about a mp3 player so I cannot answer about mp3 or wav files.

OK, thanks. The model is 2 years old (purchased 12/2008) if that's any help.

Your nuvi is almost

Your nuvi is almost identical to mine except you have text to speech on yours (260W) and I don't (200W). Both can play wave files. Box Car explains how to set things up.

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