Garmin Customer Service and warranty issues


My Nuvi 285W was not working correctly and after going through all of the fixes they decided it needed to be replaced. I sent it in and quickly received a refurb. The Nuvi they sent had a burnt out pixels. I can not believe they did not catch this, but they took it back. Number two showed up on Wednesday. Well, I tried to load the latest software in the thing and it would not take it. It did not have the latest software to accept the new software. I noticed on boot up that it is a Canadian model. I live in the U.S. I wonder if this is a problem? Why would Garmin send out a unit without the latest software on it?

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It would be a North American model... with the full map set. Not a problem at all.

The SW update may have slipped by them, or is a matter of money; the customer can update it. This may be a 'hidden' bonus, as you can roll back SW to a known good one should the latest fail, or have bugs.

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Software update

I guess you have problem with updating firmware, not maps?
Firmware update should happen regardless if it is US or Canadian or any other unit. From what I saw do far differences between units is in installed maps not firmware. When in Europe I had no problem with updating my US unit.

But if you try to update firmware or maps and it can be done there can be two problems I had myself. One is (with maps) that file I downloaded was somehow messed up. Even when I run update it never finished. Solution was to download maps again.
Other problem I had was when I wasn't able to finish update of maps or firmware. At this time parts of my maps disappeared. In this case I had to send unit (under warranty) to garmin for exchange. It was some sort of internal memory failure. What interesting I still could use parts of maps that were "visible" for unit. But it was impossible to access device "disks" after connecting them to computer.

If you have old firmware it may be that newer maps will have futures that require certain minimum version of firmware. So start with updating firmware and than maps.