Shipley Do-Nuts


Is anyone working on a POI file for Shipley Do-Nuts?

From their website:

For over 73 years, we have been providing people with delicious do-nuts and pastries. And we continue that tradition today with over 220 locations throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. We are always serving up fresh do-nuts, warm kolaches, freshly brewed coffee, ice cold milk and many other delicious breakfast favorites.

I think their do-nuts are excellent, and my poor Garmin only has a handfull of them listed. That is a limitation when traveling. If no-one is working on this project, then I might undertake it soon.

___________________ Garmin 2455, 855, Oregon 550t

Shipley Do-Nut

Go for it . I live in the west and have never heard of them so it could be one for us from the west traveling back east or south west.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T