NavTraffic ONLY on 2730/GXM30 ????


I have a 2730 and a 7500. The 2730 came with the GXM30 XM antenna/receiver.

I drive a car that has XM radio built into it and I have a paid subscription for the car radio.

According to Garmin, I am supposed to be able to pay to subscribe to the NavTRaffic for the GXM30/2730 as a stand alone service as long as I have one paid subscription.

The problem is... XM radio disagrees and will NOT let me have NavTraffic by itself. They insist I pay for the XMradio too. I had been told I would only be charged for the Navtraffic, but thwne the invoice came, they had billed me for the Music radio svc as well.

The rate for NavTRaffic only is $3.99/month, but XM wanst me to pay $6.99 PLUS the $3.99 BOTH.

Now.. WHY... would I want to pay for XM radio service for my GPS when my CAR has it already. All I want is the NavTRaffic.

So... has anyone else run into this problem ? What did you do ?

Thanks, Tim

It looks like NavTraffic by

It looks NavTraffic by itself is $9.95. If you add it to a receiver that already has XM Radio, then it's $3.99 (plus the XM Radio fee which would be reduced for multiple receivers on the same account as you are aware).

2. Subscribing to the XM NavTraffic service:
The XM NavTraffic service is available as a stand alone package (without XM radio) or as a premium package coupled with XM radio at $3.99 per month and the $12.95 monthly radio subscription. That is roughly $1 per week for the real-time traffic information provided by XM NavTraffic.

Service Pricing:
XM NavTraffic only: $9.95 per month

XM NavTraffic and XM radio combined: $12.95 radio plus $3.99 NavTraffic = $16.94 per month.

A one-time activation fee may also apply.

NavTraffic ONLY


Ya... I have already read all of that, but here is what it says on the XMRadio Navtraffic Section right off there own web site:

"For aftermarket products, your device may use a single radio ID or two radio ID numbers to deliver XM NavTraffic in addition to the XM audio service. Have your radio ID (or IDs) on hand when you call the XM Listener Care Center as this is required information in activating the XM services. Please check your radio ID number(s) carefully. There is no "I" (eye), "O" (oh), "S" or "F" used in the radio ID numbers."

You can read it here:

Whats even MORE weird, is that my 2730 does, in fact, receive the Navtraffic & weather but does NOT get any of the XM radio (Music etc.) signal.

Apparently they CAN send activation signals to the devices which allow the reception/pass-thru of only certain services. The cust.rep. I was bumped up to who tried to help me when I called to complain, was also very frustrated.... she kept saying that the "HAS" to be a way to do it. Her final work-around to help me, was to just apply a $42 Credit to my account to make up for the difference in price, and then she said she pushed my account through to the technical people as well as making a note on my account. The first person I talked to about the problem with the invoice was really a sales person who just kept trying to upsell me more services and radios. So when I said I wanted to cancel, she bumped me "up" to a cust svc rep who I must say was very helpful and did everything she could to try to set it straight.

I should be good now until the $42 credit runs out, but if they don't have it straightened out by then, I will just cancel the Navtraffic.



pratzert wrote:

"For aftermarket products, your device may use a single radio ID or two radio ID numbers to deliver XM NavTraffic in addition to the XM audio service."

Yeah, but what I think they mean is that the device might have separate radio ID's (one for the NavTraffic and one for the XM Radio). But I don't think that there's anywhere in there that says that you can get NavTraffic added on for $3.99 without having XM Radio on that device.

I'm not arguing that you should or shouldn't be able to do it. I'm just saying that from what this says, I don't read anything that suggests if you have XM Radio on one receiver, that you can add NavTraffic to another receiver on your account for $3.99.

But I'm glad they found a way to work it out for you.

Navtraffic Only

I agree that it's not very clear exactly what they mean.

I have tried on several GPS forums sites to find someone else who has run into this quandry, but no one has responded.

I still give the cust. svc. rep credit for finding a way to help me......

What about this?

I know when we offer it to our customers this is the price structure we use. This info was given to us by XM at several seminars and classes.

(Mama posted this earlier)

Service Pricing:
XM NavTraffic only: $9.95 per month
XM NavTraffic and XM radio combined: $12.95 radio plus $3.99 NavTraffic = $16.94 per month.
A one-time activation fee may also apply.

example: You buy a LS460 and after your free subscription runs out you only want Navtraffic.
They know that the unit is capable of receiving both signals (1 account) and they turn on the traffic for 9.95 a month. If you want XM later it would be a add on.(same account)

example: I have XM installed in my veh. (1 account)
and I buy a 2730 (another seperate account) I now have 2 seperate accounts, not just a add on.

I hope this helped a little bit.?.?.

660, v3.80

Right, but what pratzert

Right, but what pratzert wants to do is have XM Radio on one unit (built in to the car) and have NavTraffic on a different unit (the 2730) while paying $3.99 instead of $9.95.

The clarification probably needs to be in this statement.

XM NavTraffic and XM radio combined: $12.95 radio plus $3.99

Probably should read ...

XM NavTraffic and XM radio combined (on the same unit): $12.95 radio plus $3.99


On the same unit is the key to the breakdown here.
Being the garmin is Nav only it would be considered a seperate unit and charged for accordingly.

As the same should apply to the opposite. (I have nav and now I'm adding XM)

660, v3.80

If the XM people were nice

They'd give you some kind of price break for taking both services, even though it's on two separate units.

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I agree

He has XM and NavTraffic, why should it matter that they are seperate units? As long as both units fall under the same name/account, why should it matter? MONEY!
On a side note I think I read earlier that they did give him some kind of refund or rebate? So thats a plus.

I hope he keeps us posted.

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I don't agree

I don't agree because one unit could be his and the other could be his wife's, his uncle's, his friend's, or anyone else's that he chooses to put on his account. (I'm not saying or suggesting in any way that that is what he is doing, but others could be.)

The discount is clearly intended for having the same services on the same unit being used in the same place.

But he got a discount anyway, so it all worked out.

Good point MM

I understand that not so honest people exist and so do they{XM}. They know you could do the same thing for XM radio. Your adding more units (regardless of where they are located) and it's cheaper. As long as the account holder takes the responsibility for the payments, they're more than happy to take his/her money.

In this case, and unless there is something we don't know about, and since even XM can't clear it up, they need to treat him like a honest paying customer with an existing account. Which it seems like they're doing.

This is a tough call and I think XM needs to get this straightened out because NavTraffic looks like the new wave.

660, v3.80

NavTRaffic on Diff. Unit ID

Well I can certainly see how "some" people might try to get away with getting a Navtraffic subscription for their "uncle", but to tell the truth, The XM Radio is the meat AND potatoes of the service. The Navtraffic is just a little bonus.

I can't imagine someone wanting to subscribe to Navtraffic ONLY.

But to clear up a point.... There are some OEM Built-in Navigation systems that can receive XM Radio but have to have a completely separate receiver with a different radio ID in order to be able to receive NavTraffic. It's an optional piece of add-on equipment ( module).

So it's "sorta" the same case. A person driving a Lexus with a $2,000 Nav system which already subscribes to XM radio and now the owner adds an optional receiver to their system and then wants NavTraffic.

Additionally... with XM... you can have up to 5 radios activated and add Navtraffic to all or none of them. There is a price break to additional subscriptions.... so if a person really wanted to... they could activate 5 radios and give one to their uncle, sister, daugter etc.... I think that is actually what XM WANTS us to do. The rate for a second thru 5th radio is currently $6.99/month plus $ if you want XM radio. Not too bad....

It is my opinion that XM will either lose, or never get, some subscription to Navtraffic unless they come up with a solution.

I just know I can't be the only one who has this situation. And I think more and more new GPS systems will have the capability of receiving XM and Navtraffic Many people will already have XM Radio in their car and won't want to duplicate the service.

As an update, I "AM" getting Navtraffic on my 2730 and it does NOT receive any XM Channels.... so XM certainly has the capability of turning on the Navtraffic service only.

But the more I use my 2730 with Navtraffic, the more I realize how far Navtraffic needs to improve to make it a "Must Have" service, but I have hopes for the future.

I want to once again, give a lot of credit to the XM Cust.Svc. Rep who found a way to help me out for the time being. Once XM and Sirius merge, the service ought to be super !

Xm NavTRaffic

It's been a while and I am curious to see if anyone else has had this happen to them ?

Has anyone had XM Radio on their car and then added JUST XM NavTraffic to their GPS ?

My subscription is ending in about a month and I would continue to subscribe to NavTRaffic for $3.99 extra per month... but not more than that.

It's not sophisticated enough or updated quick enough to have been any real use to me so far.

NavTraffic has expanded into more cities and I keep hoping they improve it's usefullness.