Donations link?


Miss POI/JM, can you re-establish your donations link so that I can give a donation, please?

IMHO, you should leave that open and capture some revenue for all your hard work!

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.


Im new to all this gps stuff and just got a TomTom 510 because I got a Settlement and had extra left over so I had some fun but man these poi's are a pain in the and this site is hard and not full of many easy to use ones they all error out I evan try poi edit program but anyway I tried the gps on one of my trips for work and man that thing took me ghetto crussing where the cops wont evan go LOL some streets did not have pavement left on top is was horrible but its been fun otherwise except all this hard work you have to do just so the stupid thing knows where to go without you typing a excact address yes I know about that option and have looked up lokations online for the addresses and now am useing a 2 gig card O and dont listen to what they say about poi limits they say Tom Tom has limits but I have hundreds and it still sees them all and works


Just keep poking around and reading on this site and the whole "POI Thing" will become much more intuitive.

As far as your GPSr, just try to remember to think of it as a co-pilot not an autopilot. You are still in charge. Never rely on a single source (be it a map, Google, or a GPSr) to direct you. Local knowledge of a location will almost always be better than any other source.