Dash Mount Via CD Slot For GPS Navigation; Hands-free Mount Holds Your Electronic Device For Hands-Free Use And A Good View.


How high is the CD slot?

That is an interesting solution I had not seen before. Like may of these dashboard mounting solutions (air-vents, cigarette lighter, cup holders, etc) they may work great in one car and not in the next. My vent mount works great in my SUV but has some problems in smaller cars with a smaller windshield while the vents are relatively lower. The satellites lock takes a much longer time to be established and the reception is lost often then. If you're in a town with tall buildings, it becomes even more problematic.

The GPSr has to be high enough and close enough to the windshield to allow for an opening with a reasonable choice of satellites through the glass as the car roof probably dampens the signal unacceptably.

How about possible damage to your CD player ?

I don't think I'd be game for such a risk... Already have enough worries with the player as it is, I wouldn't want to hurt the eject system, or the lens.

And tbh, I'm seriously considering the beanbag these days, the heat is on here in Southern France, and the suction cup is acting up. Would anyone have recommendations about a brand or a model ?

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May give this a try.

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Love my beanbag.....

Love my beanbag.....

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I wouldn't stick anything

I wouldn't stick anything else then a CD in the CD player slot. I love my bean bag.

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Interesting to use the CD

Interesting to use the CD slot but bean bag for me.. for a second I thought it was the PC support joke with the broken coffee cup holder.

Not for Me

I'll stick to my beanbag from garman. Never have a problem with mine. I also use a dash cover and so there is no slipping at all.

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Come On!!!

Looks like another gimmick to me. Why would you ever want to take a chance sticking something in your CD player? Bean bag mount is still the best....

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Interesting - More Expensive than Vent Mount

The CD mount seems interesting but not for me. Why pay $20 for for the CD mount instead of $5 for the vent mount. I read you can play CDs while using it, but it would seem to be a bother to change a CD with the GPS right there.

Yes, the vent mount doesn't fit all cars equally well. Great fit in a 2005 Accord. A little trouble in a 2000 Sienna.

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Bean bag mount for me

I love my bean bag mount. I'm like a few of the other folks that have written in; I would NEVER stick anything in the CD slot. Why take a chance and have to buy a whole new radio?

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I like the idea but don't want to put anything in the CD slot except a CD. Would love to hear from people who have used this though.

Interesting option, but like

Interesting option, but like most others who posted here, I'd be a bit leery to use it.


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I agree 100%!

HerbSch wrote:

I wouldn't stick anything else then a CD in the CD player slot. I love my bean bag.

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Might break the CD unit....

I too, vote for a beanbag mount instead of this CD mount. Replacing a factory CD unit in your vehicle could be very pricey.

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Love my bean bag from garmin

Love my bean bag from garmin

Here is a comment

Here is a comment from a reviewer on that website.

"Will not work for GPS or other Items that have power or other inputs on top or bottom"

This would seem to be a deal killer for quite a few gps devices....

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