For what kinds of POIs do you use alerts


Just getting started with adding POIs to my Garmin 765. I've already added the Rest Areas and I really like the idea of proximity alerts for things like that, but I'm curious about what kinds of POIs people are using proximity alerts for? Or, for that matter, when you might use the alert based on speed, as the option in POILoader allows you to configure.

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Multiple Folders

I setup 2 folders on my computer for my POIs files. One is for local use and the other is for long trips. Each folder contains sub folders for restaurants, grocery, etc. I use the manual load mode and set alerts for School Zones (1,000 ft), Red Light (800 ft) and Speed Cameras (2,500 ft) for local travel. For the long trip POIs, I set alerts for Rest Areas (12,000 ft), School Zones, Red Light and Speed Cameras, Stink Zones (12,000 ft), and Time Zone (5,000 ft) change. I don't use the audio alerts except for the files I set with an alert. This saves space on the GPS. I also check the size of the icons to ensure they are 26x26 or less.

Nuvi 750 and 755T


I use alerts for toll roads so I can get the money ready well before the signs tell me. (I also include the fees in my POIs - so I can get the right change out!)


"More" button on POI alerts

Aimless wrote:
alandb wrote:

Now I understand what you trying to do. I am uncertain about this ... will have to do some experimenting and let you know. I don't recall ever using the "More" funtion on the alert itself, so maybe it isn't there or maybe I just didn't notice it.

Just did a test myself. Changed file names back to non-TourGuide names and what I get is the alert sound and the small display popup that tells you what the POI is, but nothing else. When it is a TourGuide, in addition you get a small button that takes you to the next screen for the options. TourGuide would be OK except that I'd prefer that it alert me to only those things along my route, not within the proximity distance in any direction.

I did some testing on this with both my 755T and 855. The 755T works as aimless indicated, but it is implemented in a different way on the 855. On the 855 there is not an alert button added to the right edge of the navigation screen as there is on the 755T. Instead, on the 855 you press the alert text banner itself. And the "More" button is enabled in every case ... CSV or GPX, Tour Guide or not. So it seems the alert implementation on the 8x5 series is superior to the 7x5.

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Thanks for testing

Thanks alandb. Guess I'll just use TourGuide files for those points that have additional info and/or I might want to route to. There is the chance of being alerted to points off my route, but hopefully not much of an issue. I'll have to play with it some to see how much that happens. Tweaking the distance a little might be enough to eliminate too many alerts and still get sufficient warning something is coming up. I know it wouldn't be a priority, but a firmware update to have the same functionality with
non-TourGuide files might be nice.

red lights and speed cameras

Just red lights and speed camera, luckily don't have to worry about them here, yet. I would use the speed traps, but it would probably give me false sense of protection from being caught.

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