Garmin WebUpdater for Mac Beta Problem


Yesterday I downloaded both the Mac beta versions of WebUpdater as well as the POI Loader. The POI Loader works flawlessly ( I'm using OS X (10.4) but each time I try to update the software with the WebUpdater it briefly connects, verifies the current version software on my Nuvi 350, tells me what version it's going to upgrade to and then crashes when I actually try to downloaded it. Does anyone have any ideas, or is this just a problem with the beta version of WebUpdater? Is there a "work around" if this problem continues. Are there any downsides to just keeping my current software? (Version 4.10)

Had the same miserable

Had the same miserable problem, tried 20x always failing. But I did what I always do . . . I removed the software from my machine, emptied the trash, re-downloaded it, installed it, ran it, disconnected and reconnected my NUVI 360, and badabing, I was in business. Took about 10 minutes to complete, but I'm now running with the lastest and greatest version, 3.60. I had that annoying "Memory Full" message, which prevented me from going anywhere. Looking forward to getting back out there! Good luck.

Had no trouble with the software

After reading your post I tried the Garmin Webupdater beta for the Mac and had no trouble with the software. That’s not to say that the software isn’t flaky since its beta. I wish I could be of more help.

Ham radio Operator W9WOW. Using Garmin Streetpilot C550. Mac G5 Duo with Mac OS 10.4.10

Garmin WebUpdater for Mac Beta Problem

Thanks to charlesfurer! I took his advice and dumped the WebUpdater file, and did a second download. This time it worked the way it was supposed to and I'm now up to speed with the current Nuvi 350 software. There's hope for us Mac folks yet!!