Interesting collection of crash videos.


Examples of what we would all like to avoid!

As you will see in this video, even if you drive safely, many others do not.

***Be careful out there this Memorial Day weekend***

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Kinda made my skin crawl and a sick feeling in my stomach watching some of those. Think I'll stay home this 3-day weekend.

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Wow, how many have you just

Wow, how many have you just driven through an intersection and not be looking for someone else who "might" run a redlight.

Scary stuff.

Always kiss your family and let them know you love them whenever you leave home. You just never know if it will be the last time to see them.

-- where the heck am I?

Redlight runners

This gives you something to think about when you go on green and not know what may be lurking from the other side.

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nice collection

nice collection of red light runners

I've personally encountered

I've personally encountered this, twice.

The first time was in 1999. I was driving home from an ex-friend's place. As I head up to the intersection the guy to the right of me is driving through the green when out of nowhere this SUV barrels through the red and plows into the car that was to my right. The two bounce off each other and the SUV ends up crushing a pair of cars in the car dealership lot that was on the corner. I never found out what happened to the guy.

The second time I was behind the wheel and I narrowly avoided an accident. Four kids in the back seat and all of them distracting. I wasn't paying attention and ran through the red. Fortunately I was quick to react, getting out of the way of traffic and afterward, pulling over to make sure everyone's ok. Needless to say, the kids don't distract me anymore when I drive.

It makes me wonder how many people in those videos died due to not paying attention, being drunk, or simply being stupid.

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Not a crash video

Not a crash video but amazing anyway Doubt that road isn't on a GPS map.

Grrr... is because of these people my insurance is so high.

I live in Holyoke, Ma... this is a city. If I lived on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET, I would be in SOUTHHAMPTON, Ma... this is the country. This is a $500 difference!

Well.. that and the gang members who buy the expensive cars, then can't insure them because they would have to explain where they got the money!

PS: The Russian road wash out video was amazing! This is why I like the Russian people... they are tough and resourceful. They have to be, the government does nothing to help after they get the tax money!


Kwibbly wrote:

Examples of what we would all like to avoid!

As you will see in this video, even if you drive safely, many others do not.

***Be careful out there this Memorial Day weekend***

People need to start driving more safely and quit complaining about red light cameras. I don't really care if they are money makers or not as long as those that do it are caught. All of the intersections that have red light cameras where I live have posted signs a block away warning you.

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Hey, how 'bout cameras in the car?

If distracted driving is the major contributor to auto accidents, then I suggest cameras placed in the interior of the car with citations issued for such things as fiddling with the radio, drinking coffee, putting on makeup, looking at a map, talking on a cellphone, looking back at the kids, daydreaming about a vacation, etc...

Seriously, driving is risky business especially surrounded by the large numbers of drivers of unknown qualities. Better to stay at home safe from danger. wink

Oh Man

Everyone has had some of those close calls. I've been passed on the left and the right at stop lights in turn lanes only.



We may not ever be able to stop all detraction's but let's ticket the ones we can. I know there are pros and cons to the RLC's as money grabbers but what is the difference if someone runs a red light for whatever reason and is ticketed. They ran a red light and could have potentially killed someone doing it. If people cannot pay attention while driving and run a red light I say ticket them in whatever way we can.

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Last year as I was going home from fishing at 3:15 in the morning I was driving on a three lane road (my side only) I was doing the speed limit as there are always a lot of police on that road, I was in the middle lane. There were no cars in front of me and the only lights behind me were pretty far away.
The next thing I knew a car passed me like I was standing still. It was a florida deputy without any flashing lights on.If I was going to move to the left lane to make a turn he would have ran right over me. About a mile and a half down the road he had a car pulled over, I guess he didn't want them to know he was trying to catch them. If I did something like that aa ticket would be the least of my problems, I probably would have gont to jail.

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Reminds me of the lady I saw

Reminds me of the lady I saw texting as she passed me then about 45 seconds later driving her car into the dividing barrier and bouncing across 2 lanes on to the shoulder.

Sometimes Running A Red Light Can Save Your Life..!!

When I'm stopping for a red light or stop sign, most of the time I always check my rear view mirror as I do so. One time when I did, I saw a distracted driver approaching me from behind at a fast rate of speed.

Fortunately, this time, I was first in line at the light. I saw that the driver wouldn't be able to stop in time and knew I was about to be rear ended.. so I blew my horn and shot through the intersection without causing any accidents to the cross traffic.

Once through the intersection I looked into my mirror and saw that the distracted driver had slammed on their brakes, with their vehicle partially into the crosswalk.. right where I had been previously stopped.

As I have said many times in the "Red Light Camera" section..

"Sometimes there are situations and circumstances for running red lights that the ('Pro Hang All the Red Light Runners because the need to be punished for doing so') people don't see or want to understand"..!!


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Once I Saw

Once I saw 2 cars side by side, stopped at a red light on a 4 lane road get in an accident.

The car in the left lane decided to make a right turn on the red light. So the driver pulled forward to turn right, in front of the car in the right lane.

The driver in the right lane must have seen the car to the left pull forward, assumed the light was green, and without looking, drove into the side of the other car.