Question on Low Clearance POI Files


I tow a large RV so low clearance areas are a big concern when travelling in new areas. There are many sources that list this information, both print and electronic.

My question has anyone ever compared the POI file found on this forum to the one on ?

I would like to have the most accurate and of course the most complete list. The publication the "Next Exit" is supposed to also have this information, which would probably be helpful in trip routing.

good ?

that is good question i am thinking about joining there is a new GPS out now from rand mcnally is the TND 700 i am not crazy about the price this new GPS is for truck only

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TND 700

If you drive an RV, you can change your height or length in truck tools. We have many RV'ers using the TND.

The price is due to the time\effort\costs of more precise coding and mapping data to ensure you are on a truck legal route.