Garmin Nuvi 1300 (won't turn on)


one day my fiance used my garmin and said it was workin fine the next day i jump in my jeep try and turn it on and it started up said it was loadin the maps then just shut off and continued to do that i brought it inside to hook it up to the computer and now it starts up and has a status bar and it only loads about 1/4 of the way then shuts back off im new to the area that im in and i really needed this thing what can i do to fix this problem anything would help thanks

full charge

Fully charge the unit by leaving it connected to the computer for several hours.

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Check fuse in vehicle power cable. Ensure power cable is getting voltage. Your Nuvi can only charge between 32 degrees F and 113 degrees F. If placed in hot environment or sunlight it will not charge. Unit must be charged for 4 hours.