Garmin ecoRoute HD


Anyone using the ecoRoute HD module? If so how is it performing for you? For those that are unfamiliar with this addon below is a site explaining it.

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marketing gimmick.

marketing gimmick.

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There is another thread with

There is another thread with this same info and the unit will not be available for another 2 months.

ecoRoute HD

Marketing gimmick? I dunno. But I like it. Took the place of buying a separate device (Scan Gauge II) so I don't have another gadget to clutter my dash. I like the display and the information it provides.

I've had the ecoRoute HD and a nuvi 1690 for about 1.5 weeks and am impressed with both products. This was an upgrade from a SP2610 which has been flawless but is no longer supported by Garmin. It won't take the NT maps.

My complaint list about the ecoRoute Hd is pretty short.. the connecting cable that is. It needs to be longer to provide more flexibility in mounting locations. I had to dismount my OBD port from the mounting bracket in order to provide enough play to securely ziptie the HD device under my dash.

Otherwise, the HD device connects immediately when I crank up my truck and is ready to go when the GPS powers up.

nuvi 1690 with ecoRoute HD, SP2610 (retired), Edge 305, Forerunner 405

Scan Gauge II

I'd trust my Scan Gauge II over Eco route any day.

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Irish FX4 wrote:

I'd trust my Scan Gauge II over Eco route any day.

Trust? Is there doubt about the accuracy of the information ecoRoute HD provides?

Seems to me that the ecoRoute HD is just another way of deriving data from the OBD port... which just happens to use the GPS for display purposes.

Just one more choice to toss into the mix:

$70 to $300+ at

PLX Kiwi
Roadi TG3 Turbogauge
Autel MaxiTrip
Auterra A-500

At ~$130 (street price) for the ecoRoute HD, that fits well into the above mix and is the only one I know of that will interface with the GPS.. which may be a plus or a negative, depending on what you prefer. I like having my GPS do double duty and I have one less display to place in my vehicle.

If your GPS is not compatible with the HD device, that would likely change the cost part of the equation. In my case, I was shopping for a replacement GPS anyway and keeping an eye on Amazon for a sale on the SGII. For me, the choice was easy.

OTOH, I would not likely have bought the HD device if I weren't also shopping for a new GPS as the added cost of the GPS (just for the OBD data) wouldn't make sense to me.

I don't know what magic Garmin needs to do from a software perspective, but it seems to me the ecoRoute HD would be much more appealing if it was usable with much of the existing GPS base rather than just a select few models.

nuvi 1690 with ecoRoute HD, SP2610 (retired), Edge 305, Forerunner 405