Free fries 4/16/07 and Free icecream 4/17. Yumm....


I heard on the radio that Matt Kenseth won a race this weekend. Therefore on the Monday after a winning race, Arby's will give customers free curly fries. That's for today, 4/16/07. I don't know how ofter these guys race, but more free fry days may be coming!

And my favorite.... It's ben and jerry's free cone day tues 4/17! Yeah! I missed the Baskin Robbins one because I wasn't in the right state. But this should be national- from 12-8. Hit the icon to find stores near you who are doing this. Summer time's almost here and it's wonderful to start with icecream! =)

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yeah to get the fries ,you had to bring in a newspaper clipping of the finishing order of the race ...thats the free fry coupon

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )