Do you feel lost without a GPS?


Because we only have the one nuvi 660 and switch between cars, we were without it the other night, in bad weather and on a particular expressway where once you get on, hang on tight, it will be miles before you can exit or u-turn. Reminds me of northern VA around the Memorials on the other side.

Rather than panic, I just used my instinct and wound up back on track (albeit probably 8-10 miles is what the mistake cost). But it was a feeling that's not as familiar anymore--seems we always know where we are due to GPS, be it built-in, portable, or on a cell phone....

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Just like any other

Just like any other electronic device, we tend to become more and more dependent on them. You see people on their cell phone everywhere, whether on a call, texting, etc., kids glued to their electronic games.

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I can't ride from home to work without my GPS... and it's only 2 miles!

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Well, maybe not lost, but I really have started to realize how much I depend on it when traveling into areas I haven't gone before. I don't even bother looking up directions prior to a trip, I just assume the Garmin will come through for me. I haven't owned a map is many moons.

Not addicted yet

I only put the Nuvi in the car when I am going someplace unfamiliar or on a long trip. But my Commute is only 4.5 miles on back roads and when the weather is nice I ride my Bicycle.

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As a member of the directionally challenged, I use it for travel away from home & for locations I've never been to.

Even though I take it with me, I don't always use it. Having POI's increases the value, of course.


Not Lost But...

Most of the time, I use mine for traffic alerts since I have to drive 100 miles to get to work. There are many different freeways I can use to get to work and the traffic alerts help out. Also, when I travel somewhere far (let's say from AZ to CA) sometimes, it helps me know when each turn is coming up and what lane I should be in and also the time I will be arriving. Could I get there without the GPS, yes. But, it sure makes it easier. Kinda like can I do without my microwave.

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Just wished I had a gps when

Just wished I had a gps when I first retired and traveled all over the US and Canada by car.Still taking the long trips and what a big difference in the comfort zone.Don't worry about getting off the main roads .Samantha will get me back if needed.

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I depend on my GPS every

I depend on my GPS every time i go to a new place, even if i know where i am going.

Part of situational awareness...

... Is knowing what your "Plan B" is, and being ready and able to execute it.

Visiting relatives in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, we decided that the best thing to do going out to dinner was for me to drive my dad's car, taking him and a couple of other people. Yeah, my Mini Cooper is much cooler, but it only holds 2 people...

Driving my dad's car -- without the GPS, radar detector, ham radios -- I felt pretty naked! But before leaving the house, I double-checked the route, and on the way, relied a lot more on the old Mark 1 Eyeball.


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not really!

I just use my iPhone if I need directions.

Use it all the time

I have come to depend on it when I go out. I don't drive much and don't bother taking it when I go to work (train station is a mile away)but I'll use it whenever I'm going anywhere else.

I can rely on it taking me there faster and using less gas. And with the foul weather we've been getting lately, it is easy to hit "detour" when some annoyed cop is redirecting traffic and doesn't want to help people who don't know the streets in the area. The cops just want you to move out of there fast and ASSume you won't get lost. It's happened to me enough times to carry my GPS with me every time I go out.

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More options

charlesd45 wrote:

Just wished I had a gps when I first retired and traveled all over the US and Canada by car.Still taking the long trips and what a big difference in the comfort zone.Don't worry about getting off the main roads .Samantha will get me back if needed.

Works the same for me. More flexibility when I'm in an unfamiliar area. I don't have a glove box big enough to hold maps for all the areas I explore. It's nice having all those detail maps on a gps with a printed USA road atlas for backup.

I like it for when I go to

I like it for when I go to unfamiliar places. Generally I know where I'm going ahead of time. I can check online maps ahead of time to get a rough idea and then I use my GPS for when I get close to my destination. It also gives me something to look at once in awhile while on roadtrips.

-- where the heck am I?

Use mine nearly 100% of the time for any travel

pkdmslf wrote:

I like it for when I go to unfamiliar places...

Agreed. Whether I know exactly where the new, unfamiliar place is, I know that the GPSr will get me there (somehow), and more importantly, get me home from the unfamiliar destination.

pkdmslf wrote:

...I can check online maps ahead of time to get a rough idea and then I use my GPS for when I get close to my destination...

Ditto. I've found that a quick look at an online map if possible, is helpful for when acquiring satellites may take a few extra moments. For example, which way to turn out of the hotel parking lot? Right or left? Sometimes just knowing the general direction of the POI gives me enough confidence to start out of that parking lot and letting the satellite acquisition take its time.

pkdmslf wrote:

...It also gives me something to look at once in awhile while on roadtrips.

This is where I really like having a GPSr. I've started telling people its not really a wayfinder, but a "life expander." That's because I travel all over the country and with all the POI files loaded from here, I am always willing to try to go to a place that I've never been to, or maybe not even heard of before finding in the POI file. That's allowed me to extend my business trips to include weekends, where I can explore the area.

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Safety Blanket

We have become a people who rely on gadgets to shorten our tasks during our day, since we do more but do not have extra time added to our 24 hour day.
I have become dependant on my GPS and iPhone especially when driving in other cities.
I have just added a videophone to my mobile collection of gadgets that work well paired with a hotspot box.

Now i can be reached at any time anywhere;

Now my only concern is that those who I give my number to, do not give it to everyone else.

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I keep mine...

I keep mine on my bedside table in case I decide to sleep walk.

Yeah, I am pretty addicted

Yeah, I am pretty addicted to my GPS haha

I had the car the other day

I had the car the other day with both of our GPS units in it and Jon decided to go run an errand. He got lost without the GPS. I thought it was funny.

Miss POI

Been without one for a couple of months

My 550 finally died on me after many years of service. I'm shopping for a new one, and waiting until I have a long trip planned to see if prices drop even more (probably this summer). In the meantime, it has been a flashback to checking directions before I leave and using Google maps on my phone.

Just about everywhere I go....

After trying several different units I have found that if I go any more than just a couple of miles away I will grab a gps on my way going out the door. When I go on long trips I am known to take a couple of units, just in case.

I just hate that "lost" feeling.

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I usually take mine everywhere with me. I do that because I'm continually looking for the way the unit performs after map or FW updates.

It's a good way to check for flaws. So far, so good.

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lost without GPS

I don't like not knowing where I am so I always have plus all the appropriate maps.


yes i do

i do feel lost with the gps and with out the gps. i have learn not to trust any thing that has to think for you always use human instinct.

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lost leaving the driveway

my wife has said this about me for years but both of us depend on our garmins.

Take GPS with a Grain of Salt

I use the GPS becuase I have it but I still use paper maps and Google maps and Map Quest maps to make sure I find some locations.

My Garmin unit has Shafted evil me one too many times to depend solely on it. The accuracy is off on the Garmin 1390T it will get you close but not always to the actual place unless you feed it co ordinates from Google maps, It will tell you to take 410 East yet show you clearly on the map that it wants you on 410 West, It will tell you to Turn Left when the place you want is on the right.

There are many times I want to take it out and put in under the back tire and Light em up on it, THERE SEE IF YOU MARK THAT PLACE on YER MAP twisted .....

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Then do it!

You seem to have a hate on for your Garmin, and have repeated that statement many times.

Do it, and buy another brand. Please.

PS - Pics or it didn't happen!

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I am lost since my GPS mount has broken in my work truck and it has all the customer info for the last couple years programmed.
I need the new mount to plug the unit in.
Garmin c330???



Have you considered buying a new mount? Just asking...

Google is your friend.

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Lost locally? I pity the fool!

Locally? No! But do like the awareness of the cameras, however if in my real near area I don't use it because I know where the cameras are, if going cross town I do use it.
On the road wouldn't think of traveling with out a GPS and a Road Atlas, just as driver4107 said, human instinct comes into play thus the Atlas.

Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.


if you need a heavy duty mount stop at a loves truck stops or pilot for $20 it will be the last mount you will ever buy. guarantee. laugh out loud

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it's sad. nowadays, i would

it's sad. nowadays, i would use my gps if even i know where i am going simply because i want to hear the gps' voice.

Wakes me up when my Brain is on "Autopilot"

Even locally, I often set the GPSr to route. It helps me avoid "autopilot" errors. Like when I suddenly ask myself "Where in heavens are you going?" finding myself headed to work when I should be headed to the library. Ugh. It must be hereditary. My dad had the same problem.

I've always been one to get

I've always been one to get lost... The sun goes down, and even familiar roads look un-familiar...

I resisted getting a GPS, but once we got one (660), and is specific.... Once we found THIS SITE.... we have found a GPS to be invaluable....

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

I don't

I don't feel lost without a gps, but i can say this though, we all become very dependant of it to guide us tru are destinations, I know for fact that every time am not carrying it with me i feel as though am missing something.

One other thing I like about

One other thing I like about my GPSr is that I occasionally drive on backcountry roads, i.e., forest service roads and surprisingly my City Navigator actually shows these numbered forest service roads. It's no topo map but I can zoom out a bit and get a good idea of where I'm at and what direction I need to go to get back to a main highway. Try it, you might like it.

-- where the heck am I?

Drive without GPS? Oh no!

For the last month there has been road construction up and down most of the major roads on my way to work. This means at least one detour. If I get lost, I can wind up in another state very easily... and late for work.

My good 'ol TOMTOM is always in my right side pocket.

I have my cell phone because my car is not dependable. I have a portable gaming system called a GP2X WIZ for when I am waiting for AAA... I have the GPS because even though I have a good sense of direction, I HATE being late for anything... especially because of getting lost!

Always On

If the trip is more than about 5 miles, I use it for the ETA function. Geeky? I guess so.

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Feeling Lost

I've driven this country from the middle to the corners; from corner to corner; left to right; top to bottom; and variations--with minimal use of maps. But I did rely heavily on the yellow pages once I reached my destinations. Now I need my GPSr to cross the street--the yellow pages have been replaced by POI-Factory data and there are too many veins connecting this Nation's major arteries.

"It's not where you start, but where you end up." Where am I and what am I doing in this hand basket?


gps or not i will always keep my motor carrier map just in case i am in doubt rolleyes

the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T

I don't feel lost without GPS


It would feel really strange to have to use a road map again. I am sure glad to not be exercising that skill lately!

- D

In a word...


It is so sad. rolleyes redface sad


It has become a part of my life

I use mine

when I have to make a delivery somewhere I haven't been to before, or if I need to give an ETA for delivery.

Not doing anything worth a darn.

Always know the way

'Gertrude' always knows the way home from whatever road my wife and I decided to explore. We're one of those "let's flip a coin honey. Heads it's left at the next intersection, tails it's right" type of explorers.

Much better than those days we used to "head down this back road until we find a sign pointing to someplace."

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I don't necessarily feel

I don't necessarily feel lost without my GPS, but I definitely feel more confident and at-ease that I'm traveling on the correct path to my destination. There is no anxiousness or wondering anymore, which is a great feeling...regardless of where I am, or where I'm going. And that's a great feeling!

I would hate to go on any trip [now] without my GPS. In my view there are a number of convenience items that I would not want to give up. I put a GPS right up there on the list with: garage door opener, personal computer, cell phone, air conditioning, cable television, remote control, direct deposit, online banking, ATM, online stock brokerage, clothes dryer, microwave oven, automatic transmission, electric toothbrush, digital camera, and fast food.

Yep - I guess I would be lost! rolleyes

Politicians and Diapers must be changed often for the exact same reason...


I don't feel lost but I just feel that something is missing.

Can't Live Without It

Ok, maybe we could but it would sure be more difficult.

My wife and I recently moved to a new state, new town, new neighborhood. We've used our GPS (Garmin in each vehicle) to find everything from nearby restaurants and gas stations to addresses for items we've purchased on Craigslist. It's also good to know we can always find our way home with the simple touch of an icon no matter how turned around we've gotten.

Yes, we could have used a phone book and a map but why? wink

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lost without GPS

Yes I very much feel like I have lost without a gps. reading a map become more tedious

I love having it going,

I love having it going, regardless of whether I need it or not. Fortunately, I'm not directionally challenged and rarely need it, but I am a bit of a roadgeek as well as a bit of a cartography nut. But I will need the GPS this summer, because I'm going to Canada for a couple weeks and am going to want to know where I'm going.

I will pick up an atlas just in case the GPS screws up.

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