Special Thanks to Charlesd45--a Great POI Factory Mentor!


I just wanted to share how a POI Factory member went above and beyond expectations for another member--whom he didn't even know! GPX files and TourGuides are some of the coolest newer technologies for GPS enthusiasts; but, they require a little training to get them up and running just right--especially if you are new to the craft.

As a newbie to customizing my GPS, I was pretty stuck while trying to set up some of these files on my Garmin. So I hit the Garmin Discussion boards for the first time and asked for a little help.

Charlesd45 was unbelievably helpful as he went out of his way to take the time to analyze and then correct a file for me so that it would function correctly on my GPS unit. He also "taught me how to fish" so that I would be able to repeat this skill in the future and truly unlock the potential (The Fun!) of POI Factory files on my GPS. He was very patient and very helpful.

So thanks again Charlesd45 and thanks POI Factory--this is the ONLY place on the web that I will use for my GPS POI needs!

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I have also been helped by Charles...

And you are correct, he does go out of his way to help anyone that asks. Charles, take a bow.

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@rcn400 and Rayzers

Glad to be able to help out.You are correct it is fun once you get the full potential out of the gps.A lot of members helped me out on POI Factory when I got started.

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Yup Charlesd45 is one of our

Yup Charlesd45 is one of our shining stars around here. I don't know what this community would do without him.

Miss POI

He is always there when you

He is always there when you need him - thanks Charlesd45!!!

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Charlesd45 - A Great Asset for POI Factory!

Charlesd45 has always been into comprehensive explanations of technical matters. When you are dealing with computers or GPS, every detail has to be right for the thing to work at all!

I have followed his many posts to learn whatever I can. He has always been tactful and evenhanded. He is much appreciated!

Thanks Charlesd45!

dobs108 grin


Charles has also been helping me on the back lines with things i should already no about by now. thanks for sticking with me

Ditto to all the above

Ditto to all the above comments

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Bravo Zulu Charles! Job well done!

charlie is awesome

Charlie goes out of his way for everyone all the time, Just his nature I guess. Thanks for being there Charles!

He should have a bonsai but was over looked for some reason, go figure? rolleyes

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I agree

Charlesd45 has done some amazing work and is very helpful.

Pleased to see others recognize his efforts and in doing so, it allows me to do the same.


Great work for contributing "above & beyond the call of duty" Charles45!

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I concur. It's a well-deserved "thanks"!


2 thumbs up, Charles and thank you.

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I Totally Agree

That Charlie is a great asset to this community. He also helped me step by step when I first got my GPS and couldn't figure out how to download the red light + speed cameras using a custom alert. He was patient and sent me several emails until I finally understood.

Thanks Charlie, your continuous help to all of us is as you can see very much appreciated.

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