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I've done a lot of reading and there are a load of interests and resulting POI files here.

Now... on one of my journeys recently, I wandered past an RC Airfield and I have no idea if it's in the POI file we have for them.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could access the file on the site, do a simple search by name or coordinates, and determine whether or not the file needed my new info, without me having to load it (or even download it to my PC.)

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You can open the file in

You can open the file in excel and take a look that way.

Miss POI

Just in case

Just in case you don't have excel here is a free viewer.

You get extra online tools as a file maintainer, allowing you to look into your own files that you are the caretaker of. When you start building POI's you will receive the tools and then have a better grasp of things. Plus you get a new badge.

Until then just use excel.

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True but...

Doesn't that take up more bandwidth than a search?

I'm just thinking why download the entire file if it's not one I use... but I know others do.

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For your own files using maintainer tools you can search for a custom poi and if found click on it and all the info comes up including coordinates.

Looks like that could also be included with all files as a search feature just to see data on a custom poi or if it missing.

To be honest though I may be wrong but I doubt if that many users would go that route.Pretty fast to just use the view part insteading of saving the file to your computer and do a search.

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