Returned third Nuvi 765T that was rebooting


I know other owners of the 765 experienced the same problem that I am having but after having it occur with THREE new 765's, I am beginning to wonder if it could possible be something on my end and not the fault of the 765. Do you suppose there is a something in common with the units that are causing this problem or do you think it is the unit, itself. It seems unlikely that I would get 3 consecutive new units and all have the same problem. Garmin suggested that it might be a corrupt poi file that I downloaded but I have the same poi files on my 660 and my 680 and have no problems. I thought maybe the culprit might be my Verizon LG 9900, which is not listed as an approved phone by Garmin, but it transfers all numbers and addresses and otherwise works fine. The other problem I had with all three 765's is that occasionally, when transferring to or from the fm transmitter to the internal audio, I would lose all audio, until I reset the unit by holding the power button all the way over for 8 or ten seconds, then the audio returned. The same procedure was necessary to restore the unit when I lost power. I updated all software through webupdater and the only card in the unit is a europe map card. I have about 150 mp3's on the internal memory. That and my pois and favorites is all that I have added. Should I try a fourth 765?

Your call on the new unit.

Your call on the new unit. As to Garmin's suggestion it may be a POI problem, it does strike me as a possibility. I would try loading the POI one at a time and letting the unit operate for a week or so before loading the next. Just because they operate in one unit doesn't guarantee compatibility with the next.

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Thanks for the sugestion. I

Thanks for the sugestion. I thought of that but I have probably 50 csv files with hundreds, if not thousands of entries. It would take years to find the culprit, if there was one. That's why I was trying to find out if anyone else reporting the same issue, had any thing in common with mine.

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ok, this is what has happened to me, first 765t
had rebooted on its own twice, did update no more issues, now with that said, i had downloaded the new maps"lifetime) have a t-1 connnection here, some how the down load kept getting corrupted, so i went and did it somewhere else, i got a clean install, or so i thought, it built the maps loaded them to the gps, i made sure that i had a good clean back up just in case, the new make stated needed a unlock code, waited unitl monday, software support was unable to get the maps unlocked so they took my back up and placed back on the unit, all went well, went to use it tuesday and the unit would make a route but would not lay it out, they sent me a new unit got it yesterday, with the 2009.11 maps on it!! i was told that the reboot bug was fixed with the last series of updates ,

garmin has always taken good care of me, i have had 4 total units go bad and they always take care of me, now it could be a bad POI but the only way to tell is to LOAD THEM ONE BY ONE AND TEST THEM!

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A little logic is needed here

gerrydrake wrote:

I have about 150 mp3's on the internal memory. That and my pois and favorites is all that I have added. Should I try a fourth 765?

No! You should pay closer attention to what Garming is telling you !!

Take out EVERYTHING that you have added. Run it for a while. If all is OK, then add/change only ONE thing at a add 50 MP3's or one category of POI's.

I think it is HIGHLY likely that something you are putting in there is causing the problem. Alas, there probably is no really easy way to find out exactly what it is, except with a long process of elimination.

At some point, Garmin is going to stop sending you new units.

Good luck!

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I was going to buy a 765T

I was going to buy a 765T too. Glad I didn't now. Why can't things just be simple?

Quantity could be the problem too

gerrydrake wrote:

I thought of that but I have probably 50 csv files with hundreds, if not thousands of entries.

I think you need to re-think your custom POI philosophy.....and remove a bunch of them. Chances are good that you actually could get by with the built-in ones in many of those categories.

If you don't change something with the way you are using it, it may NEVER work right.

I think the manufacturers have invited this kind of problem by putting TOO MANY functions in those tiny little boxes. There IS a limit on what they can do.

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I agree with what you say

I agree with what you say and if I were the only one with this 765 affliction, I would be prettry confident that it was me but when many others experience the same problem, it make me wonder why they are also having the same issue. But you are right, it will be a slow, painful process of adding one iterm at a time to discover the problem. It might even be my phone, so I will use the new unit for a week without a bluetooth conection, just to see if that could be it. Then I will take on the pois.

Mine does too

My new 765t does occasionally reboot too. I have noticed that it does do this when trying to perform too many tasks at the same time. If I am playing MP3s over the FM radio with my Bluetooth phone connected is when I have the problem. If I remove even one of the above items, the issue goes away.

Very interesting. This is

Very interesting. This is the kind of imput that I am looking for. The last time it happened to me, I was tapping buttons, listening through fm transmitter and getting a traffic update all at the same time. I will have to investigate this.

my 765T reboot experience

my issues have seemingly gone away after updating the firmware, first to 2.50 and then to 3.00.

when mine happened 4 times on a 650 mile, 9 hour trip, I was also using the mp3 player, but with a couple of differences from your setup.

1. I was using the headphone jack with a cassette adapter rather than the FM transmitter.

2. I was not using the Bluetooth capability

3. I had 1300 tracks on my 8GB SDHC card, and using shuffle mode...I found out later that there is a 1000 track limit, and have since then, pared back the number of mp3's on the SDHC card...however, I have not taken a long trip again to properly test it.

I hope some of the above helps you evaluate your problem.

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Thank you. I only have about

Thank you. I only have about 50 or 60 mp3's but I probably was using the fm transmitter or playing mp3's when it occured. It's a possibility. If so, this should be a fix for Garmin, not from me, it it means I can't play mp3's/use fm transmitter, at same time.

765T Rebooting

My 765T rebooted a couple of times after working flawlessly for 2 months. It started doing this after I loaded some POIs onto it. The second time it happened, I noticed that it shut down as the unit was announcing a upcoming POI and then attempted to give a verbal navigation command at the same time. Strange.

I contacted Garmin who said to install the v3.00 update to fix it. Upon doing the update it has been working fine ever since.

Good luck and keep us posted on your outcome.

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similar problem occcured on the 7x0 series a while back

There was a similar problem occcuring on the 7x0 series back in the 3.x0 firmware days and it was related to POI's. Garmin corrected it with a firmware update and mine never had a random shut down or freeze again.

If you look back you will see there was quite a lot of talk about the same problem about 4-6 months back.

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Custom Icon caused mine to reboot

As somewhat of a technology junkie, I'm methodical & cautious with new equipment so when I got my first GPS, a 765t, for Christmas, I first tested it for a week or so in its virgin state to make sure the base unit was working as it should. Turns out I had a bad screen. I exchanged it & have been happy since. Tested the new one with factory settings -flawless. Added one POI with an icon & alert, tested, no problem. Then tried making my own icon (the icon downloaded from the factory was unintelligible) using all the information offered in various posts on this site. It loaded fine, then I ran a test route simulation & it rebooted as soon as the icon was to appear on the screen. Therefore, a bad icon can bring down the unit. Had I not tested this individually, I would have been mystified as the unit would reboot for seemingly no reason.

If you get another unit, take it out & use it for a while before adding in your custom stuff. Then you'll know if it really is the Garmin's fault. My guess is that it will work.

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Thank you for your help. I

Thank you for your help. I am replacing the 765T with the 785T. I don't think it will make a difference because I think it is the same chipset or machine but I had to get away from the 765. I will do as you suggest, run it virgin for a week, then add phone for a week, then add some poi's and see if I incur any problems. I understand that just because one model runs fine with these additions, that it doesn't mean that the next model, will, but I can't help but fault the unit if other privious models work great with the same pois, mp3's, same phone, etc, and then nothing but problem with you install the exact same things with a new model. BUT, I still have to deal with it. Thanks for your help.

Must be a firmware issue

I have started using my Nuvi 765T more extensively since receiving it over Xmas. I noticed mine likes to reboot itself almost immediately when I enter a route via an exisiting route while it's in route mode.


Mine has been rebooting

Mine has been rebooting recently for some reason. I have had the same POI files on there for at least six months with no issues until a few days ago. Interestingly I was not doing anything special when it reboots. I was simply navigating home. It had already calculated the route even. Weird.