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I will be in the market soon to buy a new car. While I have a nuvi 750 and am very pleased with it, my heart wants a built in GPS because it is another toy to play with and makes the dash look "Hi-Tech". Can I have some feed back from members who have switched from hand held to built-in and let me know the pro's and con's as you have experienced them.

Call me more money than brains.

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Wouldn't Do It

I do not have a built in GPS but my business partner has one in his Lexus. The problem is, GPS devices are constantly evolving and providing more features. The built-in unit is going to stay the way it is unless you are somehow able to find an upgrade that fits and doesn't break the bank in the process. I would hate to have a built-in GPS that uses MSN Direct for traffic service. That shuts down on January 1, 2012 meaning the built-in GPS will no longer support traffic. With a portable device, you can upgrade to the latest and greatest every few years. And, if you do not like the features of a particular brand, switch. If you do not like the features of the built-in device, good luck.

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With over two years of residency at The Factory, a Star ranking (general maintainer,) and the coveted Windmill to your credit, I would suspect you know the routine by now: everybody’s needs and mileage vary. Therefore, I would suggest you research as many built-in GPS receiver brands and models as you can and pick the one that most closely fits your needs. I would then suggest you find out which car manufacturer(s) install that particular model and in which of their many vehicles. Then narrow down your vehicle choices and compare internet availability and pricing with those of your nearest auto dealerships. Once you’re satisfied you’ve got the best deal I’d order the car and hope the GPSr specifications don’t change between ordering and delivery. Optionally I’d just keep the 750 and use it in whichever car I happened to be driving—saves trading in cars every time the GPSr features change. HTH.

ps: You can always balance out the money v brains issue by sending me some of the money

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I have both now for sevral years. The built in has features that the hand held doesn't and vise versa. Most built in's are expensive for map updates and firmware updates are rare. I could list pro's and cons for both,but you should make that list and make the choice.

Often you can get

mblanc01 wrote:

I have both now for sevral years. The built in has features that the hand held doesn't and vise versa. Most built in's are expensive for map updates and firmware updates are rare. I could list pro's and cons for both,but you should make that list and make the choice.

a new portable for the cost of a single map upgrade on an in-dash. And then the question would be can I load custom POI to an in-dash? Those Rest Area alerts are sure handy when driving the Interstates.

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I agree

The in dash units look great. However, with that said... I prefer the portables. Love the custom POI's and with my Zumo... the downloadable routes. See, I balanced the brains/money equation by buying an expensive portable! smile Of course, I also use it on my motorcycle.

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I would stick with portable

I had an in-dash GPS in my 2005 Honda Odyssey. It was great. Looked nice, big screen, instant fix on satellites, also integrated a backup camera. It was expensive to update the DVD though (I think $150) and the fact is that they have made so many advances in portable ones in recent years that mine was obsolete (it didn't speak street names, didn't have bluetooth or traffic, etc.). When I traded it in I opted for a portable. I figure if it becomes obsolete I am out $200 rather than $2,000. Also being able to move from car to car and use the POIs on this great forum is enough reason to stick with the portable over in-dash

Built-in GPS vs add-on

Good morning, everyone,

The single biggest negative to having a built-in GPS, in my humble opinion, is that in nearly every case, you have to take your eyes off the road to use it. My Nuvi 660 is placed just under the rear view mirror. I can glance at it and still see the road ahead. I feel that safety considerations trump any tech advantage a built-ins "might" have.


pros and cons...

For me, driving a Mini, it was an easy decision

Yes, the built-in Nav looks nice and adds a bunch of features.

I'm not interested in most of those features, though.

And as for usability -- in the Mini, it's a Germanic horror, a Gawdawful User Interface...

For another aspect, let's perform this thought experiment: Consider, for both a portable (such as Nuvi 680) and a built-in Nav. You're driving down to Los Angeles next week, and because your teen son is accompanying you, you want to be sure you're prepared, and have the current locations of every West Coast In-N-Out Burger loaded into the GPS.

For the Nuvi, the steps involved are:

(1) Remove GPS from car
(2) Connect GPS to computer
(3) Download updated POI from the Internet
(4) Download to GPS
(5) Put GPS back in car.

For the built-in, I've got a problem with step (1)...

Cheers from Silicon Valley...

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I have used built-in GPS in

I have used built-in GPS in Nissans, Hondas, Ford, and Lexus.

Here are the pros and cons of built-in GPS:

-the GPS will always be with you
-harder to steal
-looks pretty nice from a dash perspective
-may be integrated with other car systems, like the Ford Sync system
-adds in some residual value to the the car, but very little compared to its initial cost

-expensive! expensive to buy, expensive to update.
-hard to update, might be impossible to update the POI as stated above
-UI can be good, or it can be extremely frustrating to use. The worst UI's I have used are the Nissan GPS units from 2006-2007, simply junk.

So if you have the money, and the cost is bearable, then go for it!

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