What, is everyone away on vacation?


Is everyone away on vacation? This place is dead.

Is anyone there?
Is this thing on?

LOL... what do you mean

LOL... what do you mean dead?

This is a place for people to get GPS files so they can travel. So we're all traveling. smile

Happy trails!

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I wish I was on vacation.

I wish I was on vacation. lol.

What, is everyone away on vacation?

I'm still here. That's all that matters.

What is a vacation?

What is a vacation?

Tight lines


Not on Vacation just yet, soon though!

Actually it's called spring fever! People doing the things that they wouldn't do during the winter months like spring cleaning and yard work and generally just being outside. As people adjust to the the nice weather they will return. Nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.

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I need a Vacation

Not on a vacation. However, I need a vacation. Work has kept me off the board lately.

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In my world

everyday is a vacation. I don't have to be anywhere at a given time unless I choose to be.

I don't see any decline in population on the site today, but at 12:03am I would bet most of the east coast members are asleep or darn near asleep.


On holidays in South Florida for the next five weeks smile

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