Garmin Update Page Errors?


Is anyone else having problems with the myGarmin pages?

Whenever i navigate to and choose the myGarmin link, the page looks weird and, the icons are all x'd out and it says Sorry, page cannot be displayed.

I tried reinstalling Garmin Connect, and I get the same page when I click on the Install for Internet Explorer button.

I also get the same screwed up page when I choose Update Maps from the main page.

Just tried it to see if I

Just tried it to see if I got the same problem.It works like normal.

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logged into My Garmin page and everything was normal

Just logged into My Garmin pages and everything was normal running Windows 7 and Explorer 8.

Sounds like you have a problem with your computer settings or the browser cache needs to be emptied.

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Also tried it

Seems okay on this end.

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ok, got it sorted.

reset internet explorer to its' default settings and deleted the cookies.

Page is working now, but i hate having to do that.

Logged in

Logged in to on my PC and everything looks fine. I agree with the earlier poster that you should clear your browser cache out.

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