Eddie Bauer Stores


I am interested in making a Eddie Bauer store poi.
However I am not sure how to get the store info I need. How has others here obtained store location info?
Also, is any one else interested in a Eddie Bauer poi?


it looks like you can go

it looks like you can go right to their website and get the locations by state. I think that is how everyone else is getting the data for now.

Miss Poi

Eddie Bauer Stores

I emailed EB and they wrote back a couple times saying they would send a complete list, but they never have. They are closing a bunch of stores located in malls.

Why Don't Companies put POI's on their website

I've always thought retail chains (Eddie Bauer, Wal-Mart, etc) would want to post POI of their locations on their website. It seems like a no-brainer from a marketing stand-point.

That is a great question!

I have seen some web sites that will list the coordinates of their location right on the contact screen.

It would be nice to see this for other retail chains, but I'm guessing that they'd just come back with some type of disclaimer, or that they'd be worried the information would be used in possible illegal or threatening activies. rolleyes

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