Gas Prices


Does anyone know of a POI download of Gas Stations with Prices? I understand that prices are constantly changing so the file would constantly change... But if I download it right before my road trip it would help!


Gas Buddy

I use

They don't have what you ask for and I have specifically suggested some additional functionality in their forums.

When you map prices on the site, you can click on the price flag and get the address of the station. I suggested that they add the functionality that you can send that location to your GPS just like on Google Maps, Mapquest, etc...

What I end up doing before I travel out of my local area is to check for the lowest prices where I anticipate having to gas up, then put a few of those stations in my GPS.

That's the best solution I've come up with, but I'd be interested in hearing if someone has a better method.

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You also can use

Besides Gas Buddy, I also use the AAA website - kinda know from mapping software about where I'll be looking for gas, find the lowest prices, and add to favorites for that trip.
Typically my trips range from 3000 to 7000 miles so quite a few stops.

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MSN Gas Prices

I think a POI file would be pretty well useless. Over a week or two the prices in some areas have jumped by 15 - 20 cents, and many stations that had lower prices are now much more expensive.

I monitor prices for my long trips on MSN: