Wanted to smash my TomTom to pieces last night


I was driving to east Tucson last night, and my TomTom 125 had instructed me to get off 5 miles early, and then drive along the freeway access road, with stoplights every mile.

After a couple of miles of doing this, I was wondering what on earth is my TomTom doing? So I got back on the freeway.

Then the TomTom wanted me to take a long detour by doing a big V, to go south, and then north east. I couldn't believe how stupid the routing was. I exited the street that only required me to take a straight route east to reach my destination.

TomTom had estimated 15 miles to do the big V, and by my getting off and heading east straight, it only took 4.5 miles.

I use my TomTom because it's cheap and disposable, but the stupidity of the unit was making me wanting to smash it into bits and pieces last night...

Very frustrating. Garmin routing seems so much better. Never had Garmin do something stupid like this.

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Yes I agree. My one way

Yes I agree. My one way distance was 140 miles, so I previewed most of it. Only when I got close to Tucson was I amazed at the stupidity of the TomTom GPS.


http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

How do you preview your

How do you preview your route?

How do you preview your route?

For my Tom Tom GO 730:
1. Touch screen
2. Touch arrow on right (take to second page)
3. Touch "Browse map"
4. Touch and slide bar on right

Hope this help.

p.s. Make sure you update map share.

IQ Routes

I wonder if TT thinks that this is a faster route or that it thinks for some reason that you want to avoid freeways???

you have much more brains than a stupid GPSr

peterlukcanada wrote:

How do you preview your route?

The absolute easiest way is to open a map before you go to places unknown. Believe me TomTom isn't alone on this, Garmin's do the exact same thing sometimes getting you on and off freeways for no real reason.

Always keep a road atlas in the pouch behind your seat, if doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.

After all you have much more brains than a stupid GPSr.

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Garmin does the same

I have had a Garmin do the same thing with a service road. I didn't take the service road it recommended but for 6 or so miles until the next freeway exit, it showed me on the service road next to the freeway. Sometimes common sense has to work into the route but it can be hard to know when you haven't been there before.


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It's not something that's

It's not something that's unique to TomTom. All GPSs have the problem. My first garmin did something similar many times.

We've got to remember these things are just tools - we must remember not to disengage our brains when we click go to destination.

I have used Garmin C320,

I have used Garmin C320, Nuvi 200, Nuvi 205, for far longer than my TomTom units and have yet have my Nuvi or Garmin devices do something so blantantly wrong like the TomTom.

http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work


peterlukcanada wrote:

How do you preview your route?

Go to the 2D mode (touch center of screen in 3D mode) and zoom out until you can see your entire route. Does it make sense? Is it pretty much all going in the direction you want to be going to your destination without doing "loop da loops" or something very obviously wrong along the way? If something looks strange, pan/drag/scroll to it and zoom in for detail. Also, look at the turn by turn instructions as a cross reference. As mentioned, having a "real" map and at least some familiarity with your trip can avoid some of the pretty wacky stories I've read. Stuff like, "We started out what we thought was going the wrong way (uh, you knew that beforehand???) and kept going hoping the GPS would get us on track. After about 45 minutes, we realized we were hopelessly lost and wound up almost two hours late for the wedding (or whatever)." Sound silly? You'd think so, but...

It happen to me too

It happen to me in Colorado last year. It told me to turn left and left basically going in circle until in get me to the highway where should I been in the first place. My Dad was arguing with me that I should stick to the highway. To make long story short. I told him that the GPS is only 99.8% accurate. smile

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