Parks of San Antonio, TX and surrounding area


I recently got envolved in Gocaching, as a result, I am going to a lot of parks around the SA, Tx area that I would not have otherwise gone to.

I have discovered that the parks in and around this area are very cool. Many have playgrounds, nature trails to hike and bike, and areas to play sports or just throw a frisbee. I have gone back to a few just to have a picnic.

I started marking the coords in my handheld GPS of the main parking area of these parks and saving them. I am considering creating a POI file to upload here of these parks.

If this has not already been done for this area, and there is any interest in this, I will set forth on this adventure. I think it will be fun.

Note: this in no way will have anything to do with geocaching and nothing aout them will be mentioned. Just locations of some really cool parks.

Any thoughts? Thanks

Go for It!


Search results don't return any such file so do it...
You live in a good vacation city so the file could be of extra interest for some. Plus it could be fun starting your first file. You could use a template such as Texas Parks to get started.

Check this file to make sure your info is not already covered in this file. (Texas Parks)

If not start your own or contact the Maintainer for that file and offer your info to update the file.

Your Choice?...
Hope I have helped.

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