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Last updated 06/24/2012

Raw file: Hot_Sauce_NA.csv (7.03 KB)

Includes 64 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, IL, IN, LA, ME, MO, NC, NM, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, WI
  • Canada: AB, ON
  • some may be in: MI, NJ (near a border)

Now up to: 64 Locations

Hot Sauce Anyone!

If you're like me - I like it hot and stores to find readily available good hot sauces, salsas, BBQ sauces, and rubs are far and few between.

This list is compiled from the contributions of a few of our POI Factory friends.

Kudos to those that contributed.

We need to grow the list and if you would like to contribute, please send me the following

Favorite Store Name
Store Address

Comments or coordinates for your favorite Hot Sauce store can also be posted at the discussion page - Click the "Discussion Topics" link at the bottom of this page



7/16/08 - Fixed the address for an AL Dunk's location.
7/18/08 - Added 2 more locations thanks to our friends at the POI Factory's "Hot Sauce" project topic. The csv file was also renamed to NA for North America, as it also includes Canadian store locations.
7/21/08 - Added 5 more locations posted from our friends at the "Hot Sauce" Discussion link at the POI Factory's Hot Sauce project topic.
7/30/08 - Added Alt+Enter line breaks and clarification to the Dunk's locations.
8/8/08 - Added 3 more locations NM, NC, TX
8/11/08 - Clint45 detected a POI error and was fixed by Miss POI.
8/16/08 - Added 8 more locations - Thanks to tjablons; see POI Project thread for details
8/26/08 - Added 1 more location - Thanks to Cosmo
8/5/09 - Added 1 more location - Thanks jbuirge
9/13/09 - Added 1 location - Thanks michael84b16
2/6/10 - Added 9 more locations - OH, TX, Ontario, CO
2/7/10 - Added 1 more location in WI - Thanks jz4h3m
10/2/10 - Added 3 more locations in LA - Thanks Gastx
06/24/12 - Added 8 locations for Pepper Palace, made minor updates

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    reported 3 locations to Miss POI and she updated the file

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  • jrozsnaki - Jul 17, 2008