Webcam Project Request


Somebody please start a project about webcam and invite people to submit public webcams (Non-adult).

The POI file can have lat, long, and link to web cam.

GPS webcams?

I don't know why you would need webcam POIs, but if you want to check traffic cams along your route with a computer & internet connection (not while driving), here's a good site:


Why webcams?

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Just to see where are all

Just to see where are all the webcams in the world. And be able to click on google maps to go directly to webcams. Anyway, somebody just pointed me out that Google earth has webcam layer and that is exactly what I was looking for.

I would create this POI

I would create this POI file! Key West has web cams at a lot of the bars, it fun to text your friends/family and tell them to log on to the feed. I admit, kind of geeky, but I see the point. It would be unique!!

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Get the google earth layer

Get the google earth layer at
Then use a converter to change the KMZ file to the format you need.

I can make the file if needed.

webcam project

yea this sounds pretty neat!!