Opinions on Mad Maps?


I'm taking a trip out west this summer and am looking for some tour guide information, scenic routes, etc.. At Garmin's site, I've come across Mad Maps.


Anyone have an opinion on them? Are they good? Useless?


Or any others sources of

Or any others sources of recommended tourguides/scenic routes, etc.. are good too.

Mad Maps

Mad Maps only run on certain units and the 265 is not one as it doesn't do stored routes.

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Please post your start and stop points and travel timeframes. I'm sure there are plenty of people that can offer suggestions for scenic sites and routes to take along the way.

I know you can't use them, but I bought a set of Mad Maps for my 750. I really didn't find much use for them, they offered some routes but it wasn't really anything that interested me.

Timeframe is pretty open

Timeframe is pretty open (summer), but we will be heading west on I-90 through the BlackHills, Yellowstone, Idaho and Glacier.

I'm sure there might be one or two items of interest along the way. wink

Thanks for the feedback on MadMaps.