102 Tastiest places to chow down...


Is there a project for favorite or recommended restaurants? If so, I'd like to nominate Edo Sushi at the Inner Harbor.

The wife and I were there over the weekend with a friend of ours and OMG... the food there was OUTSTANDING.

This is not the cheapest place to eat by any means, but it was some of the best sushi I've ever had.

I should also mention that I tried Asahi beer for the first time there and loved it but can't seem to find it anywhere, so perhaps we could add a "Liquor stores that carry Asahi beer" POI as well... smile

- Phil

There's a lot of restaraunt POIs . . . .

with seafood and even sushi, specifically. Maybe one of those maintainers will see your post and add this one. There's also some "best food I ever ate" POI files, too! PS I like Ashai beer myself but have not had it in a while.

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