Voice Prompts on the i5 Streetpilot


Does the i5 support this? I set up standard notification prompts for some POIs on my unit, and they worked ok. I then tried to include some voice prompts using .mp3. I made the mp3 file name the exact same name as the .csv file and put it in the same directory. But it did not prompt with the .mp3. It did prompt with the standard "ding" and text message. Am I doing something wrong or does the i5 not support it?

i5 mp3

Don't see anything in the specs that says it does .mp3.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

I have tried this as well

I have tried this as well with my Red-Light Camera POI without any luck. I don't think the StreetPilot i5 supports the text to speech functionality