Help --- new Garmin mobil pc user ?


Hi Everyone,

I need help with Garmin mobile PC and POI's

Using POIloader I have succussfully loaded my POI's into my mobile PC laptap, but then when I open mobile pc I can not find them under the Extras tab? Please help? What am I doing wrong. The sad thing about this is I use a Trimble GeoET for work and can not figure out this Recreation version of Garmin.



Help new to garmin continued

Hi Everyone again,

Ok I have a Magellan GPS plus Vantage point software plus Garmin Mobil PC. I downloaded the POI Sequoia.gpx from this site. It imports into my Vantage Point software no problem, but the Mobile PC software is not recongnize the extentsion. I get the following message in Mobile PC....No Extras loaded

I am so confused, please help. I will keep reading the blogs and stumbling around and hopefully I will figure something out.