I wrote a POI loader for the Mac

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our mac users will love this

If we get some good feedback from other users, I'll add a link to the faq / help page.

Thanks for sharing.


I wrote a POI loader for the Mac

Well, nobody seems to have posted about it, but I just published a completely rewritten, far better set of tools. You can find them here:


Mac user, programmer, neophile.

Nicely done

I've added a link from the FAQ section.

Thank you Simon


Exemplary work

I haven't tried the software yet, but from the quality and content of the documentation I'm betting that this package will be a big winner. Thank you, Mr Slavin, for your initiative.

In my days as a computer guru (1959 - 1991) I always wrote the documentation first. That way, the project's users and I jointly knew what would be delivered and by when. And the lofty managers, who always seemed to think that documentation was a luxury, were powerless to pull the plug on it. smile

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This is brilliant!! Thanks

This is brilliant!! Thanks for taking the time to create this software!

hi...i'm a new 2730 owner

hi...i'm a new 2730 owner and am excited about using these loaders...can't wait until garmin finally adds mac support...and i hate the idea of using windows on my mac so parallels/boot camp isn't an option...

Communicating B/W Garmin and Mac

Hi Simon,

THANKS for doing this. WOW.

I'm stuck on one thing...how do you get your mac to see your garmin as a separate drive ? When I plug mine into my USB drive, it just charges the unit, but doesn't show a drive. My unit is the Garmin c330. Any advice ?

I am trying to write a file for alternative fuel stations.

Thanks so much.

- Trevor

- trevor garmin c330

Thanks for a great program.

Hi Simon,
The software is great and the documentation is superb. I have a number of Macs at home and did not like using POI loader with my wife’s Windows computer. I do most of my computing on my Macs and it was a real pain to have to transfer my data to the Windows machine just to upload a POI to my Garmin C550. Thank You for a Great Program

Ham radio Operator W9WOW. Using Garmin Streetpilot C550. Mac G5 Duo with Mac OS 10.4.10

Trevor, What OS version are


What OS version are you running? It really should mount as soon as you connect it, with nothing else to do.

C3xx file access

naturalgasvan wrote:

how do you get your mac to see your garmin as a separate drive?. My unit is the Garmin c330.

I don't think any of the C3xx series can be accessed as a drive as such. They appear (under Windows) as a "Garmin USB GPS".

If anyone knows otherwise, I know a group of people who would be very happy to hear how it's done.

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Garmin c330 and Mac

Your Garmin unit has to be able to look like a Mass Storage device to the computer -- like a Flash drive. The manual for the StreetPilot c330 doesn't say how to do this. But the specification page says that you can upload custom POIs to the unit, and there's another thread on this forum about using POI Loader with c330, so you should be able to use my software too. I think you need advice from other owners of c330 units.

Do you have a Flash card that will slot into your unit ? Maybe that's how you do it with the StreetPilots.


Mac user, programmer, neophile.